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Today on GeekFest Rants we dive into horror and crime.  Join Carlos as he reviews the brand new Prime anthology series, Them: Covenant.  This show combines the horror of 1950s racism with a supernatural twist.  Then we take a turn to the show that made Pedro Pascal a star (aside from Game of Thrones) in the crime genre with Narcos.  Here they chronicle the Colombian drug wars from the 70s to the 90s.

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On this episode, GV talks about having nothing to talk about, recounts a recent trip to McDonalds, and presents an installment of MORTIFYING TALES focused on childhood lying.

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Well guys, this is it. The end of the line as far as The Stuck At Home Saga. I've Got That Shot and it was a very pleasant experience overall but let's talk about the show...

We start off with some this and that and then open up a baseball card which I really like. Talk some Japanese baseball and then take questions from you guys.

I want to thank all you guys for spending this last year indoors with me. It's been hard, it's been weird but most of all it's been fun. 

Don't call this a goodbye, call it see you soon.

For me, Sara, Gino, Steve and Donny, Grandmaster Grandpa, AB Silver and all the rest.. It's been real... 

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Hey kids. We have a ton of fun stuff on this week's episode. We ruminate about the early days of lockdown. It's a real trip down Memory Lane.

From there we talk about this and that and take a HUGE CALL IN from Steve Balboni. It is actually factually kind of Earth Shattering! 

Then we open some cards, talk 70's football and dive bars..

There is some huge news at the end so make sure to listen all the way through!

If you have a sec tell a friend about the show. The number one way to grow a podcast is through word of mouth! 

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Join Carlos today at GeekFest Rants as he reviews the virtual tour of the Ray Harryhausen - Titan of Cinema Virtual Exhibition Experience.  This is a virtual version of the current exhibit taking place in Scotland chronicling the late, life and works of stop motion genius Ray Harryhausen.   

This includes classics like Jason and the Argonauts, Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger, Clash of the Titans, and many more.  Then Carlos profiles collector Shamim Dana, a fellow toy and autograph collector. 

Can your collection match up to Shamim's?

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On this Episode, GV has two false starts before finally recording the episode properly, gets confused about what the movie Nobody is about and who Bob Odenkirk is, and then moves on to some talk about his lifelong relationship with baseball and his last 20 years as a fan of the Oakland A's.

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Hey kids. Welcome to the 2nd ever episode of The Trying to.... show. This time out we start off with some opening of stuff and then talk about baseball cards and the legend of Wade Boggs. There is some Gino Vega in there too..

Along the way we go to The Dollar Tree, talk Final Faction figures and oh ya... We break the #THS Turtle Case WIDE OPEN!

It's a great show like always. Make sure to tell a friend! 

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With Gino Vega's latest episode there has been a lot of cereal talk going on over at The Tweets and I keep referencing my Top 5 Cereals Episode so instead of just talking about it again I'm like.. Why not just repost it?  

This is an oldie but goodie folks. I honestly would love it if some of you ISR New Jacks dug into the vault a bit more TBH.. There is some gold in there! 

This is what I had to say at the time....

Hey kids! Thanks for stopping by. We have a super fun show ahead of us this week. We start off with a little talk with Engineer Emily and then we move onto At The Movies where we examine a super weird movie that I saw called "Swiss Army Man" Dude, it was something else.
From there we move on the main event of the deal... The Top 5 Pizza Toppings Of All The Time. Man, this is going to be a divisive list. Dudes are gonna flip their lids. I mean that.
Finally we finish off with some talk about Riverdale and about a trip I took over to The Bowling Alley.
I made a new bowling song and everything. It's a super fun show. I think your'e gonna dig it.. 
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This episode GV talks about getting vaccinated and shouts out some rice seasoning he's been enjoying lately, then takes a look at revisiting some of the iconic children's breakfast cereals that were taboo in his youth.

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Hey kids. Welcome to the 1st ever episode of The GVS... It's basically the same as the SAH but with a more post-pandemic feel... More hope, less survival. 

We start off the show with some MOTU talk and then from there see what our guy Gino had for lunch that day... 

From there it's some baseball card talk. I got a couple pretty fun rookie cards and I wanna share them with you guys!

It's a super fun show this week. Make sure to tell a friend! 

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