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Hey kids! It is me IseeRobots. So the day is here! The j-Coins have finally hit the street and man, I felt that was worthy of a Breaking News! Update to fill you in on how many have been sold, who bought them and what the current value of a J-Coin is.

A.B Silver joins us to break it all down. It's only a few minutes but is super fun and well worth your time! Take a listen and make sure to tell a friend!

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I realize that this isn't really a sports show but this story is too big to miss. My family is a bunch of long suffering Cubs fans and man, this is it. 108 years in the making.. I can't believe that this day has finally come.. It's too good to be true. 

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Hey kids. I am greatly saddened to hear about the passing of The Greatest. In this breaking news update I share a story about the time that I had the honor to meet the man. It's brief don't worry. 

The Champ was a childhood idol of mine. This is very difficult to swallow. He was a very kind man and I was honored to get to shake his hand. 
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Hey guys! It's time! The 1st ever Patron Only Episode has dropped! You wanna get down! Of course you do! It's awesome. It's like an hour of me talking about when I used to work at A Laser-Tag place! It's full of cool tales of offbeat shenanigans and all sorts of Celeb Run-ins and dudes, it's great. Just hop on over to SupportTheReport.com and see what we can do for you for helping us out! 

There are already like 5 Patron Only Episodes over there so make sure to check that all out. It's all available to you for as little as a dollar a month. Of course you can give more if you like and I'd dig it if you did but really, it's the thought that counts! So think about helping out. I'll be your best pal if you do! 

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September 19, 2015

Crucial Breaking News Update

Hey kids it's me, IseeRobots. Please consider donating to the ISR Lake County Fire Relief Fund! It's the most important thing you will do this week. Guaranteed! Follow that link down there to see what you can do to help. Please, it's mad important. 

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September 15, 2015

Breaking News!

Folks The people of Middletown California, that's an area very close to the Earth Station of ISR Command has been devastated by a uncontrollable wild fire. I think we need to help. I've set up a GoFundMe Campaign to help out! 

Please my dudes, this is super important. Some people have lost everything. The town looks like a bomb hit it. It's very sad and in my opinion up to all of us to help. Give anything, I mean that. Anything will help. Anything at all. 

Spread the word too and keep the people of Middletown in your thoughts. 
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Another Marvel Legend Holy Grail has been found! I never thought I'd get this one. Which one? Tune in and find out! It's only 30 secs or so...

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Breaking News! Toys R Us Pulls Breaking Bad Figures From The Shelves! Brian Cranston Responds Via Twitter!

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Breaking News Update! A Holy Grail new toy has been found and purchased. The world rejoices! Want the details? Tune in and find out!

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