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February 5, 2018

PP Ep. 15 “Farewell PP”

In this last episode of PP the P.P of All The Times we discuss the health, children’s magazines, music, and why the PP is so important! We also make an announcement that will blow you away! Enjoy!

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January 9, 2018

The P.P. Ep. 14: YAY!

Tonight Kevin and I are yappin up a storm about health, the Tubbs Fires, Christmas Gifts, Please Stand By, our love to each other, and much more! We also have a wrestling/comic quiz featuring a guest appearance by the great Doug McCoy!!

Enjoy! A super fun time was had by all! 

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I was lucky enough to get away from it all for a bit and talk with my good pal Kevin Zerbe about the giant fire that's currently giving us major trouble here in good old Santa Rosa. Usually the PP is fairly funny or at least we try to be but this time around we took it a bit more serious. This is basically a boots on the ground news report of what's going on. I hope this helps to keep you a informed from a 1st hand perspective. My personal tale of escape is to follow on this week's TRU RPT. This is just a more general "What's going on over there" type thing.. 

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October 5, 2017

PP Ep. 12: “Allergies”

We’ve got FB Sidebar, pickles, diets, Zerb making fun of my voice, the movie “IT”, Weather Reporters, Our first records, tapes, and CD’s, and we talk up some records! YEAY! Enjoy!

Make sure to stop by SupportTheReport.com and check out how you can get the ISR Supertape VHS Tape! It's totally worth it! Just do it already!

Also hop on over to VirtualDirtmall.com The ISR Superstore and take care of some of your Retro Junk Shopping needs while also supporting The Toys R Us Report.

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Welcome to Ep. 11 of PP! This time around me and my dude Kevin Zerbe from Zerbinator Land  and I kick it old school as we speak of everything from Lobster Rolls, to Pork Rolls and from the first day of school pictures to the dogs off the leash, and much, much more! Enjoy! 

Big Thanks to Kevin for recording, editing and producing the show! It wouldn't come together without his hard work! Big up holmes! 

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Join Zerb and me IseeRobots as we discuss what we love about pizza, what’s in the Maxwell House can, drug pushing wives, and he fat shames BIG time plus we talk about the best pizzas out there, why Zerb flaked on me the other week and all sorts of other offbeat shenanigans.. Enjoy!

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This past week I was lucky enough to meet up with my good pal Kevin, The Head Honcho over at Zerbinator Land. Dude does all sort of fun pods. He's the best. I mean that. Anyway, he had me onto one of his great shows known as The Pretentious Podcast. We talked about all sorts of weird stuff from frozen ski hats to air conditioners. I don't often guest star on shows so enjoy it while you can. It's a ton of fun! 

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