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Hey kids! This time around on Reel Wisdom we take a look at the 2nd film in the 3rd trilogy of Star Wars Films, The Last Jedi. I really dug this flick and thought that there was lot of wisdom contained in the story which was penned by Rian Johnson who directed and wrote one of my favorite movies, a flick called Brick.

In the scene that we are going to listen to this time around Yoda breaks down a few important tidbits of learning to good old Luke Skywalker about living in the moment and about learning from our mistakes. From there I talk a bit about what he said to Luke and what I think that he means when he says "We are what they grow beyond".

Thanks for giving us a few minutes of your time and I hope that you had an awesome May The Fourth! 

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Rogue One is a stand alone Star Wars Movie that tells the story of the Rebel Spies who stole the plans for The Death Star from the hands of the Empire. The plans lead to the destruction of The Empire's Ultimate Weapon and eventually the fall of Vader and The Emperor. 

The crew of Rogue One, Cassian Andor, Bodhi The Pilot, K2S0 and their leader Jyn Urso faced insurmountable odds in their quest to acquire the plans. How did they do it? By taking one chance and then another until either you suceed or you run out of chances.. 

Listen in as IseeRobots talks a bit about the movie and a bit about how you can apply these lessons to your day to day life. It's fun and somewhat inspiring episode. Make sure to tell a friend! 

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Bleed For This was a 2016 film based on the life of boxer Vinnie Pazienza. The movie stars Miles Teller as Vinnie Paz and contains some of the truest movie wisdom I'd seen or heard in years.

It's all about doing things that people say you can't. That's something we've all faced at least once or twice in our lives..

Take a listen and see how Vinnie Paz came back from a life threatening car accident to regain the world championship when everyone around him told him that "It's not that easy"

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