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Hey guys! This week we're all away from The Station so our offering to you is a classic from the past. This is one of my favorite episodes of All The Times. You have Power Records Playhouse which is super fun AND A.B Silver. Believe it or not, I miss that guy sometimes... Here's what I wrote about the episode at the time.. Enjoy!

Hey kids! Thanks for stopping by. We have a super fun show ahead of us this week! I really mean it this time. It's super fun.  This week we take a listen to a sort of weird western tale of bear hunting and grinning, Davey Crocket! It's totally weird dude. Iceberg has some real issues with the dudes attitude. Give it a listen. It's sure to cause a chuckle. I hope so anyhow.

Then it's on to At The Movies where we talk on Richard Linklater's latest, Everybody Wants Some. It's an 80's Baseball Flick with a great soundtrack.

After that the show winds in with a Toys R Us Report where we talk about some Zootopia Toys, The Flea Market, The Supergirl Season Finale and Jonah Hex on Legends Of Tomorrow. 

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Happy Halloween kids! This week we have a something a bit fun. A classic episode from the past with an all new intro by me, IseeRobots! In the episode me and Iceberg do a bit of Ghost Hunting at the haunted Toys R Us In Sunnyvale California!

It's all in the episode though. So you can hear it there but it's also fun to watch. Basically it's all haunted up and me an my boy Iceberg Thirteen went down there to see what's what. I'm not a big believer in this sort of thing but we've came up with a recorded that might change my mind! You have to hear it. It's pretty creepy. 

Look dudes, this is going to be something people talk about for years. You wanna be part of that right? Like all cutting edge and in the know as far as what people talk about right? 

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Hey guys this week we are taking a little different tact on the old Toys R Us Report. We are gonna spend a little time talking about Video Stores. The recent closure of Bae's Rincon Video got me to thinking about my history in the video business as well as some general musings on VHS Tapes. I had a ton of fun making this episode and I think that you are really gonna dig it.

We talk about the store that I worked at. There are some cool stories of my days there as well as some talk of the adult video market and THE VAULT! Don't worry, it's pretty safe as far as content goes. No cussin' or anything. Mostly business talk. Prices, rental rates, the high markups etc... 

While I was working there they filmed a scene from the movie Scream. Ya, the famous video store scene from Scream was filmed at Bradley Video while I was working there. Cool huh? I talk about that as well as the stand my town took against the terror of HORROR MOVIES!!!

There is also a VHS review in the mix. I watched a tape called Cage with Lou Ferrigno. It was terrible and I'll tell you all about it. 

It's a great show like always, make sure to tell a friend!!

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Hey kids! Thanks for stopping by. This week we have a super fun show ahead of us. It's A Chuck Norris Spectacular. We take a look at THE MAN and the toy line he spawned, Chuck Norris And The Karate Kommandos.

 We take a look at the cartoon and the comic that came along with it as well as a little background data on the company that produced the figures, Kenner. It's some real interesting stuff. 

There is also a real neat VHS review, a Chuck Norris movie of course, Invasion USA! How great is that? Super great!

Oh ya, can't forget the Blimp Talk!! There is some more of that and it's not to be missed. It's a pretty good show this week. Make sure to tell a friend and make sure to hop on over to Patreon and consider helping us out with a small donation! It's totally worth it.







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Hey kids! We are still away from The Jupiter Station due to a repair type situation after the Pirate Attack. So not being able to make a new episode for you dudes I thought hey man! why not spotlight a classic from the past! So ya man, that's what we are doing this week, next week too but after that we are back in effect! So take a listen to this and dude, don't worry. It's a lot of fun. Here is the synopsis that I wrote that week... Oh ya, The Dog story at the beginning is awesome!


Hey kids! This week on the show we got a heck of a fun episode ahead of us! We lead off with a story about how my old lady lost her dog. It's an epic tale and one you don't want to miss. After that It's At The Movies where I speak about a movie I saw on VHS! It's called Outland and it stars Sean Connery. It's totally cool.  This is one of my fave flicks. I hope you check it out and dig it too!

After that it's The Retro Toy Marketplace, the main event of the show. Topic? Marvel's Secret Wars by Mattel. It's a really great episode this week guys! Make sure to tell a friend and make sure to check out our new pals over at Entertainment Earth. They help us keep the lights on over here at the HQ! 

Thanks for stopping in and I hope you enjoy the show. 







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