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Hey kids! i'm so happy to be back with you guys! I mean that. So let's see what's ahead of us for this week. We start off with some GI Joe Talk as I open up a neat vintage Joe set and take a look at what's in the box..

Then we talk to Sara for The Pandemic Pantry.. this time around she talks about Paw-Paws and her love of foraging.. She can be found at Sausagetarian.com or @Sausagetarian on The Tweets and Insta.

After that we take a bath and talk about Limiting Beliefs.. It's some life coach type stuff..

At the end of the show I take some listener questions about movies and all kinds of stuff like that including who is The GOAT of GOATS...? 

It's a lot of fun this week. Thanks for tuning in!

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Hey kids. What a time to be alive. Anyhow, let's see what do we have ahead of us this week? Well, I start off by opening a pack of Star Trek Minimates that I got at The Flea Market in Sebastopol. 

The we find out what our guy Gino Vega had for lunch and have a brief word from show sponsor Morton Salt..

From there jump into the world of Dumpster Diving.. Ya, more talk about me digging around in garbage cans... ABG dudes, Always Be Gathering....

We finish off with a nice session of The HPI where I run down your weekly exercise assignment.. It's good stuff dudes. I hope you are keeping up with your workouts! 

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Hey kids. We have a pretty decent show ahead of us today. I start off with some talk about a recent Star Wars Figure find from the Flea Market. I got up on like 6 dudes. I was pretty stoked.

From there we talk to Sara The Sausagetarian about her fermenting technique. She is nice enough to share a secret tip with us and we're all the better for it. You can find more from Sara Here!!! 

Next up The Battle For Oak Park which features a STARTLING revelation!  

Then we talk some other Jibba-Jab and take it home with a brief history of ISeeRobots for those not in the know...

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Hey kids. We are back with another super fun SAH Show. I hope you are all doing well and I hope that life is treating you well

Let's see.. We start off with a fun Toy Story 4 unboxing and then I roll around on the floor playing with a toy. It's brilliant radio. 

From there it's the Pandemic Pantry with our gal Sara The Sausagetarian.. She runs down some prep she's doing for a party and then there is some pizza talk.. It's good stuff. More from her can be found here... 

After that we talk cereal in a new segment called Milky Cereal.. It's pretty fun. Let me know what you think! 

Toward the end we pay a visit to The Garage Comic Shop and talk comics with the guy who runs the place... 

Super fun episode this week. Make sure to tell a pal!

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Hey kids! It's me your dude ISR! We have a super fun episode ahead of us today. I know I always say that but this time I really mean it.

We start off with some talk about my recent music purchases. I got everything from Led Zep to The Urban Dance Squad.. 

Then we hear from Gino Vega and what he had for lunch... It's pretty wild this time.. 

After that we move onto the Battle For Oak Park and some weird happenings in the Pokemon Go World...

I finish off with a story about another run in with my neighbors and a recent trip to the vet..

Dude, this is a great episode... you're welcome. 

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Hey kids. I am so happy to be back with you guys. You don't even know. Let's see.. we start off this episode with some talk about a pretty good VHS Score that I made. 

From there we head to the Pandemic Pantry and talk to Sara about Tuna Casserole. It's a really fun segment. I LOVE Tuna Noodle Casserole and haven't had it in FOREVER!

Then we talk some WKRP and a bunch of other fun stuff. It's a really great episode this time around. Make sure to tell a friend.. 

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Hey kids. Super happy to be back with you guys and super happy to have another fun episode of The SAH. This time around we talk the weather, rescue a cat from the roof and talk some pizza.
That's not all though, there is some HPI thrown in as well as a visit from our guy Gino Vega as well as a surprise guest via the answering machine... 
Wanna help support the show? Sure you do. Hop over to SupportTheReport.com for all the info plus BONUS SHOWS! It' well worth it... 
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Hey kids. This week on the SAH show we start of with some talk about movie posters and then open up an action figure related to my movie poster collection. It's pretty fun.

From there we move onto some talk about The Battle For Oak Park. Things are starting to cool down but that doesn't make it any less interesting. 

Then we do some dumpster diving and talk about my love for The USPS.

Make sure to tell a friend! 

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Hey kids. Here go again. Another super exciting episode of The SAH. This time around we start off with some Minimates and end with some talk about working out and cover just about everything in between including a fun little trip to The Dollar Tree and a visit from our dude Gino Vega!

It's a super fun little episode make sure to tell a friend! 

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Hey kids! This week we're gonna do something a little different. Gonna break from the format as it were. My guy Potomac from The Last Hometown hit me up with an interesting question that we are gonna answer in depth.. the question? If you had to pic 7 Gi Joe figures to defend the earth Space Jam Style against Cobra who would they be? It's a great question and I had a ton of fun answering it.. 

Gino Vega calls in a lunch order and we talk some WKRP too.. It's a really fun episode. Make sure to tell a friend! 

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