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This week on the Toys R Us Report We talk about The Breaking Bad Toys R Us Debacle as well as a little bit about Halloween and why I haven't put up decorations yet. There's also a little bit about Bushwick Bill and The Ghetto Boys and what there plans are for Halloween this year.

This week The Retro Toy Roundup is about Remco's Mighty Crusader line from '84 and then we take a look at what I saw at The TRU this week plus a review of John Wick. A good show like always, make sure to tell a friend. 
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Breaking News! Toys R Us Pulls Breaking Bad Figures From The Shelves! Brian Cranston Responds Via Twitter!

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This week on the show we talk about The Evel Knievel Stunt Cycle as well as a bunch of Marvel Legend Variants I saw down at the store and then we have a breaking news audio! On the Breaking Bad Acttion Figure Controversy.

 A fun show like always, make sure to tell a friend. 
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Hey kids! Another week means another fine episode of your favorite podcast and mine, The Toys R Us Report.

This week we tell a few tales from the world at large do a Retro Toy Roundup on The GI Joe Dragonfly and it's pilot Wild Bill.

There's also a breaking news on some stuff that happened last week as well as a rousing round of Fact Or Crap as well as my weekly Toy Shop Breakdown, The Toys R Us Report.

A good time like always, tell a friend.

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Breaking News Update! A Holy Grail new toy has been found and purchased. The world rejoices! Want the details? Tune in and find out!

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hey kids! This week on The Toys R Us Report I have a review of Maze Runner as well as a couple of fun stories from the week as well as a nice little history piece on M.A.S.K as well as The Toys R Us Report! Which includes a couple of Wallgreens visits and a brief review of Target's new Collector's Corner! It's a good time like always. Tell a friend!

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