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This week on the show we start off with a brand new song from DJ Iceberg 13. It's called "Melt That Cheese" and it features a sample from some infomercial Iceberg was watching the other day. It's pretty fun.

From there we take a call from Hollywood Agent A.B Silver about Johnny 5's upcoming project. Let's hope that we can find something out.

The next segment is At The Movies where we talk about the latest revenge flick from Liam Neeson. It's called Cold Pursuit and I'm gonna tell you guys all about it.

Then at the end we take a text from Stuntman Mike and talk to Emily about the fin that she has on the top of her head before opening up my latest Mego purchase LIVE ON THE AIR! It's pretty fun.

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Prop collecting, an expensive hobby.  Who can authenticate an item, who can you trust?  Today on GeekFest Rants, Carlos takes a look at one particular Star Wars Lightsaber prop auction and all the controversy swirling around it.  Then we jump to a documentary about triplets with a dark tragic twist. A true masterpiece of documentary film-making.   

Then we conclude with one of the most innovative episodes of Black Mirror, Bandersnatch.  A groundbreaking, game changing, interactive addition to the Black Mirror universe...or is it multi-verse.

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On this week's show we start off with a new tune From Ensign Kate and Iceberg. It's a take off on Eric B and Rakim's classic jam "I Aint No Joke". It's pretty fun. I was proud of the pair for pooping it out.

From there me and Iceberg meet up and talk about some stuff like Bay Area Rap and who is the GOAT of MC's.. He and I have differing opinions on some stuff. It's a nice conversation between two pals.

Then we talk about The Lego Movie 2. I really dug it. It makes an interesting observation on Chris Pratt and his career arc.. 

Then at the end of the show we take some texts and a voicemail before talking about TRU Kids and a couple other things. It's a fun show!

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This week on the show we start off with a call from Johnny 5's Agent, AB Silver. He wants to set a date to come on the show and talk about a new TV project that J5 is planning on launching. I'm a bit interested in finding out what that is to be honest with you. Let's hope we can work out an appearance.

From there we head into At The Movies where we tackle Gina Rodriguez's latest flick, Miss Bala. It's an action type deal where Gina takes on A Drug Cartel South of the border. It was alright

For the final segment we talk Megos, a recent race I had with the local toy scalper and a bunch of other fun things. It's a pretty good little segment if I do say so myself.

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Today on GeekFest Rants join Carlos and Steve as they explore their guilty pleasures...  That is, film and TV guilty pleasures.  These are the kind of films/tv shows that usually don't come up in conversation first, or you will not run out to buy a t-shirt with it's name on it.  However, when it's playing on TV, you cannot help yourself to pay attention to it for the 5th, 6th, or 7th time. 

For every Star Wars there has to be a Dune and for every Dredd there has to be a Judge Dredd. Take that Mr, "I am the Law".

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This week on the TRU RPT We have a moderately comprehensive look at Star Wars Action Figure cases. We cover everything from the 1st vinyl cases to the famous Darth Vader head. It's a ton of fun.

Before that though we spend some time talking about perspective and how it can affect how we wind up feeling about things. I share a story about having to ride my bike over to the school for a Band Concert. It's sort of interesting...

Then we have at the movies, the action figure case deal before we end the show off with some calls, more about 89' Batman, Wrestling, Gino Vega calls in.. it's a pretty good segment. 

Wanna call in? You can do so at 707-532-JAMS (5267) we can handle either voice or text messages.. It's a hoot. 

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Today on GeekFest Rants, for our poster of the month, we are focusing on the original Factors Darth Vader poster.  This might be the first officially licenced Darth Vader poster ever. If you were a fan of Star Wars back in 1977, chances are you might have had this poster in your bedroom wall. 

Join Carlos as he looks at the history behind this iconic poster.  From the design, the other ones available from that line, and the man behind the mask, Kermit Bryce Eller, who ended up touring the country as Darth Vader for special promotional events.  Then we jump to the Star Trek Enterprise XCV-330. 

This is an amazing Eaglemoss miniature that depicts the legendary never before seen (in operation on TV or film) precursor to the more familiar Enterprise models.  Yet, you might have seen a painting or sculpture of it on Star Trek the Motion Picture or Star Trek: Into Darkness.

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