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This week on the show IseeRobots goes at it alone as IB13 and Engineer Emily are off on vacation. It's all good though. 

On the board and on the mic at the same time ISR starts off with some talk about Rey and Star Wars and about believing in yourself. It's kind of boring but also a litte fun.

From there we head into At The Movies and a look at DC's latest flick, Shazam. BITD they used to call him Captain Marvel but with the MCU using that name he's all about SHAZAM! Now, it was a pretty fun flick and we'll talk all about it. 

Then for the main event we take a peek at a pro wrestling documentary called 350 days. it was a pick from show patron Javier. The flick takes a look at what it was like on the road for some of wrestling's biggest stars from the days of yore..

At the end we take some text messages and answer some questions. It's a good time.. 

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As we begin our recap of Star Wars Celebration Chicago 2019, we will start with the Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker teaser trailer. 

Today on GeekFest Rants join Carlos and Steve as they go shot by shot into the Episode IX trailer.  We'll see some returning characters, some new ones, and some amazing unexpected surprises. And this is just the beginning of our Celebration coverage.

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This week on The TRU RPT we take a look at Life After Flash a documentary of the Post Flash Gordon life of Sam Jones.. I picked it up over at Joe Video and I'll tell you all about it like what's he up to now? Where did he go after Flash?

Before we get there though we talk about another wacky movie I saw, this one is called Beach Bum.. It's Harmony Korine's latest.. Dude, it was weird but I liked it.

We get an appearance from Engineer Emily, talk about the song Easy Lover and have a super exciting commercial for J-5's new TV Show, Johnny Court. You HAVE to hear it!

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Have you ever watched a movie that left you with more questions than answers? Or you did not know if you liked it or not until you talked to some people about it? Or that it was so disturbing that you has to stop watching it?  Well, welcome to art films. 

Today on GeekFest Rants, Carlos takes you through a basic tour of some of the most accessible art films out there.  We begin with a review of Mandy and then spiral down to classics like Drive, Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer, Bad Lieutenant, Blue Velvet and many more.

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This week on the show we take a look at a bunch of fun stuff including Johnny 5's New Show! and my current comic book subscriptions! It's a ton of fun this week. Make sure to tell a friend!

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Today on GeekFest Rants we return to our Happy Place... Star Wars toys.  Join Carlos as we take a deep dive into Star Wars concept ship toys. 

We'll begin with Galoob's Series Alpha, then to Hasbro Solo additions, and to the Hot Wheels concept Cantwell collection.  When it comes to three dimensional representations of small size concept ships, there are plenty out there to collect. 

Then we jump to 1977, to the pre home video days of Star Wars with the Star Wars Movie Viewer.  This is probably the earliest version of being able to watch 40 second clips of the movie at home for an affordable price. No Batteries Needed.

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This week on the show we start off with a bit of philosophical talk that get's interrupted by Engineer Emily. She guides us into a discussion on the Christmas party from a few years ago and Fleetwood Mac.

Then we talk about Jordan Peele's latest flick US. I thought it was interesting and we'll share some details while still remaining spoiler free.

For the main event we talk on my Top 5 Favorite Game Shows of All The Time and Space.. I think there are a couple real talking points in here. Let me know what you think.

At the end we take a voicemail and talk about a Token Show I went to at the Vet's Building.. It's exactly what it sounds like.. A show about tokens..

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