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What is a Mary Sue?  What is it's connection to Star Trek?  How has this term been applied in the past and how is it applied today?  And, can this term be weaponized for alternative reasons? 

Find out today at GeekFest Rants with Carlos and Steve.   

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This week on the show we have what is probably the most epic episode to date.. The Trial Of IseeRobots where our dude ISR faces his day in court against the might of Toys R Us Scotland and Johnny 5.. It is not to be missed...

The show starts off with a bit of news about Mego and a review of the latest Jim Jarmusch flick, The Dead Don't Die.. It was an experience. From there we head over to a live simulcast between us and Johnny Court.. It is for sure the biggest undertaking in the history of the show..

There are huge consequences and going forward nothing will ever be the same.... 

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This week on the show we start off with a talk between me and Engineer Emily regarding the pending lawsuit between me and Toys R Us Scotland..

She thinks it's pretty serious, I'm not so sure.. I don't know, I'll figure something out. After that we talk about a pick-up basketball game I played in.. #SummerOfFitness

Then we talk about the latest X-Men Movie. We go over my past with the series, what I thought about this one and my overall feelings about the movie. It's pretty fun.. 

At the end we go over a ton of things, The Summer Of Fitness, I open up a Mego Elvis, and then A.B Silver calls in with an interesting proposition...

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Today on GeekFest Rants, join Carlos and Steve as they dive deep into Star Trek Discovery, Season 2.  We meet new classic characters like Captain Pike and Spock.  We are introduced to new threats like the Red Angel and Control. 

We'll discuss the hits and misses of this exciting new season.  Plus where do we go next with Discovery and other future Trek platforms.


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This time around on the Good Old Toys R Us Report we start off with a new jam from DJ Iceberg Thirteen which then leads into some shocking news via voicemail. You do not want to miss this.

From there we talk about two different movies I saw one was about Elton John and was called Rocket Man and the other one was the latest in the Monarch Saga... Godzilla King Of Monsters. We're gonna look at both of those before doing a lightning round of a ton more movies..

At the end we talk about Batman, Rob Battinson, and The Deadwood movie and some other stuff before getting into The Summer Of Fitness our latest program for self improvement. I'm here for you guys so feel free to reach out about that 707-532-Jams for text messages and @IseeRobot on the tweets!

There is some more stuff in there too.. DCeased and an All-Girl Justice League idea I had...

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Today on GeekFest Rants we take a look at Cyborg. No, not DC's Cyborg or Jean-Claude Van Damme' s Cyborg.  Instead we are looking at the book Cyborg by Martin Caidin which inspired the TV sci-fi favorite, The Six Million Dollar Man. 

We will cover the many direct connections between the book and the original TV movie, before the show started.  Plus we'll take a look at some cool Steve Austin and Bionic Bigfoot action figures. 

Then for our poster of the month we have a John Berkey Star Wars poster that was included free inside the original Star Wars soundtrack 2 record LP...if you remember what a record LP is.

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