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This week on The IseeRobots Show we start off with a segment recorded from inside our touring ship, The Callisto Flyer. Me and Emily take it out for a spin and have an interesting encounter!

For At The Movies we take a look at 2 movies. The 1st one was a flick called Blinded By The Light and the 2nd was a scary shark movie called 47 Meters Down, Uncaged.. Each one was good in their own way...

Then for the main event of the show I talk a bit about some recent changes I've made to my comic book subscriptions. It's way more interesting than it sounds.

At the end we do some Summer Of Fitness and talk about some cool wrestling figures I got from Mexico! It's a really great segment, one not to be missed.

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Once upon a time, the best next thing to watching a great film, was knowing that a Director's Cut or a Special Edition was going to be released soon to the home video market. 

Sometimes this was a success, specially when you already loved the theatrical cut.  And occasionally it might reverse your opinion on a film. 

Join Carlos and Steve at GeekFest Rants as they go down the list of some of their favorite  Director's Cuts or a Special Editions.

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Hey kids. This week on The ISR Show we have a ton of fun stuff for ya. We start off with a little talk between me and Emily about being alone and about making the choices to do things as opposed to making the choices to not do things and how you can't complain about it..

For At The Movies we talk on a flick I saw called The Kitchen. It's a 70's New York flick about some gals who start a protection racket in Hell's Kitchen. It was alright.. I don't know it didn't really connect with me.

Then in the main event of the show we talk about something we all know about, Accidental Collections or those collections of things we have that we don't really know where they came from.. I'm gonna cover a few of mine.

At the end, the final segment I'm gonna touch on a couple different things, The CW and it's recent Direct TV blackout, The CW Crisis On Infinite Earths and some other stuff, my Facebook problems.. It's all pretty fun.

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Today on GeekFest Rants we find out that Resistance Is Futile. That is, resistance to trying to put together a video episode of GeekFest Rants. 

Join Carlos as he takes a deep dive into the world of Star Trek Borg action figures.  Particularly Playmates but also Art Asylum.  But while here, we'll also take a wide look at the history of Star Trek figures.

Today we truly go where no GeekFest Rants has gone before.

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Are you ready for Phase 4?  It's Marvel time at San Diego Comic-Con and the big story this time is the Phase 4 lineup. 

Join Carlos and Kyle as they discuss all the upcoming Marvel projects including Black Widow, Eternals, Loki, Wanda Vision, Blade, and many more. 

Plus, we take a look at DC's Crisis on Infinite Earths and we'll dissect the new Watchmen trailer from HBO.  So much to watch, so little time.

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This week on the show we start off with a conversation between me, Emily and Iceberg about Food, why eating is gross and my desire for a Taco Pill which Emily actually has! It's wild and not to be missed... 

From there we talk about a movie I saw called Hobbes and Shaw. It's the latest in the Fast and Furious series, well it's a spin-off but still.

For the main event of the show I'm gonna tell you guys all about my day as a Flea Market Vendor. It was pretty fun and something I recommend to anyone interested. It's wild to be on the other side of the table ya know... 

In the last segment I talk about depressive tunnels and toys and make another trip to The Last Record Store.. It's a great time. At the end I PLEAD with you guys to share the show on Facebook or Twitter.. Dudes, it's really important... 

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