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September 26, 2019

Geekfest Rants Ep.397: Akira

If there is a landmark Anime film out there, this one might be it.  Akira, the groundbreaking, influential, cyber punk infused Japanese masterpiece is on our spotlight today on GeekFest Rants. 

Join Carlos and Steve as they attempt to scratch the surface at this sci-fi classic. 

Not only do we hit the film but a little bit on the Manga and the toys.  This film is a must for fans of this genre. 

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OK, we have been waiting for this for a long time, but finally, it's here.  We visited Star Wars Galaxy's Edge at Disney World Hollywood Studios.  Join GeekFest Rants' Carlos and Kyle as they describe their visit to this new Star Wars themed land. 

We hit the park three times on different days and try to experience as much of it as possible.  From the showpiece ride Millennium Falcon: Smuggler's Run, to the amazing shops, and to the food.  This will be a day long remembered. 

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This week on the ISR Show we have what I think might be the best show I've ever produced content wise! We have a To 5 List as well as The Summer Movie Award Winners with a special guest! It's an awesome episode!

We start off with a little convo between me and Engineer Emily where we discuss her recent discussion with that alien we met the other week.. it's pretty sad and also exciting! There may be a quest on the way!

From there we talk about a movie I took in called Hustlers.. It stars J-Lo and is about exotic dancers and such.. 

Then we move onto the main event! A Top 5 List Of The Greatest Types Of Cakes Of All The Times and Space. It's thorough and is sure to be super controversial. We all have our favorite cakes right? These are mine. 

At the end of the show we open up an action figure, have a follow up to the flea market talk from last week and talk so much more! It's an exciting hour and for sure one for the record books!

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Hey kids. This week on the ISR Show we start off with some talk about my damaged ankle.. I tripped in the garage and it's had me laid up for days. I'm much better now but at the time I was bumming! It's all good though. I got some interesting talk out of it.

For At The Movies we talk about the latest Stephen King joint.. IT part 2.. I saw it on the Sunday it came out and I'll tell you all about it in as spoiler free way as I can.. 

Then for the main event of the show we talk about a not so fun trip to sell at the Sebastopol Flea Market as well as a brief history of the market mostly based around my early days of going there. It's a pretty good segment. It's fun to hear me fail.. lol.

At the end of the show I talk a ton of stuff, Trapper Keepers, Megos at Target and a ton of other weird stuff..Bats at Wal-Mart.. It's a good time overall..  

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Just when you though we had enough information on Marvel and Star Wars, Disney unleashes some more announcements at D23. 

Today on GeekFest Rants, Carlos is joined by his son Kyle to go over all the developments on the MCU and Lucasfilm.  We'll cover newly announced Disney+ shows like She Hulk and Moon Knight, to updates on Wanda Vision, Black Widow, and Falcon and the Winter Soldier. 

Plus, on the Star Wars side we have new trailers for The Mandalorian and Rise of Skywalker.  And some bonus information on the Cassian Andor series, an Obi-Wan series, and the Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser hotel.  You better start saving your Republic Credits.

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