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Hey kids! This week on the show we're gonna go over my top 5 movie picks of 2019. It was a pretty great year for movies and I think that the pics reflect that. There are some real gems in there.

Before we get there though we start off with an interesting phone message I recieved on the garage answering machine. We take a trip out there to check it out. It's a big deal and I need to know what you guys think.

For At The Movies we take a look at a pretty fun little Sci-Fi movie called Underwater. It stars Kristen Stewart and takes place 7 miles below the sea... I'll tell you all about it.

Then we have the top 5.. It's great..

At the end we talk some He-Man and a bunch of other stuff as well.. It's a great episode like always and if you guys got a minute PLEASE tell a friend!

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Innovations in action figure design don't occur very often.  But when it happens, collectors and competitors take notice.  Join Carlos and Steve on GeekFest Rants as they step back into their action figure collecting days to reminisce about McFarlane action figures. 

These are the more grown up collectable figures that changed the marketplace through the 90's and Spawned - pun intended - a number of imitators. 

The quality and diverse nature of properties under the McFarlane line have earned this company a spot in action figure collecting history.

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This week on the show we have one of our annual traditions.. The Big Movie List! and this year it's a biggie.. I took in a record breaking (For Me) 103 flicks.. It was exhausting to even read all of them.. 

We start off with the latest on Pooptronics and all that.. It's still no fun at all. I have no idea where this is heading but I have to get back to work at some point right? It's getting tough...

Then we head to At The Movies where I'm gonna go over one of the best movies that I saw this past year, a movie called Uncut Gems. It stars Adam Sandler and man, it was tense.. I dug it a lot..

From there it's onto the main event of the show.. The Big Movie List.. 103 movies.. ugh.

I end the show with some Christmas talk, stuff like what I got and all that. It's an awesome segment with some He Man Talk and a ton of other stuff...

Overall I think this is a pretty great episode and I hope you guys dig it as much as I did putting it together..

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Star Wars Galaxy's Edge is complete and GeekFest Rants is there to review it.  Join the Perrones today as they walk you through the groundbreaking latest attraction at Disney Hollywood Studios, Star Wars Rise of the Resistance. 

Is this the best ride ever? How easy is to be able to ride it? How do we think they accomplish the fantastical technical behind the scenes mechanics of the ride? 

Plus we also get a bonus review of the updated Star Tours which now visits locations from Star Wars Rise of Skywalker.

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It's Civil War at the GeekFest Rants household.  Our first impressions are coming in to Star Wars The Rise Skywalker and they could not be any more opposite.  Join us today with Carlos, Kim, and Kyle as they talk about what worked and what did not, on this final chapter of the Skywalker saga. 

Did J.J. Abrams successfully course correct the shortcomings of The Last Jedi?  Is this the best of the sequel trilogy films?  Were characters used to their full potential?  Are there any unresolved questions? 

Find out today on this spoiler filled episode.

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