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Hey kids! This week on the show we have a TON of great stuff ahead of us.. We start off with the latest from my lawyer Angus Mcshay and his thoughts on The Pooptronics debacle.. It's interesting to say the least.

Then for At The Movies I saw Parasite and I'm gonna tell you my thoughts and such. Was it worthy of all the accolades? Tune in for my thoughts. 

For the main event segment of the show I'm gonna drop a Top 5 List I've been thinking about for awhile.. My Top 5 B-List members of The Justice League.. Basically what I mean is.. these are the other guys outside the Holy Trinity and all the other big guys.. Basically your Commander Steels and your Red Tornados.. Those sort of dudes. It's a ton of fun.

At the end we talk He-Man knockoffs, GI Joe O-Ring replacements and He-Man Knockoffs.. 

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There was a time when we would set our alarms at 8AM or earlier, on Saturday mornings, in order to watch some of our favorite TV shows.  Carlos did it in the 80s and Steve in the 90s.  Today on GeekFest Rants we time travel to our childhood, to a simpler time, a time of a golden age of animated cartoons. 

We will cover such classics as Thundarr the Barbarian , Superfriends, Pokemon, Dungeons & Dragons, X-Men Evolution, and many more.

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Today on GeekFest Rants we conclude our review of the first season of The Mandalorian. Join Carlos and Steve as they mine for easter eggs in this rich Star Wars landscape. 

Does this second half of the season live up to the potential to the first half? 

What new characters do we meet?  Plus, how well is Lucasfilm/Disney handling fan service?  

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Hey kids. We have a really great show ahead of us this week. We start off with the latest on me and Pooptronics and the woe that is my life. It's not that bad really but man, it might be getting worse..

For At The Movies We're gonna take a gander at 2 different movies at once! It's unheard of. The movies are really similar though... What are they? You'll have to tune in to find out..

For the main event of the show we take a look at He Man and my growing MOTU collection as well as the first year of MOTU releases, everything from He Man to Skelator and all the nerds inbetween! It's a ton of fun!

At the end I tell the tale of something I found on the side of the road and the adventure of bringing it home... It's a tale for the ages. 

IMHO this is one of the most jam packed episodes I've ever done. I hope you dig it as much as I dug making it. 

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Today on GeekFest Rants Carlos and Steve wrap up their reviews of Star Trek: Short Treks with the Pike-centric "Ask Not", two animated shorts , "Ephraim and Dot" and "The Girl Who Made the Stars", and the Picard themed "Children of Mars".  

Then we jump off to the eagerly awaited premier of Star Trek: Picard.  How does the show feel as a follow up in the Star Trek franchise? 

Do the classic characters measure up to our contemporary standards?  And what's the best wine to have while watching the show?

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