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Today on GeekFest Rants we mourn the passing of a friend, Charles Lippincott.  Charlito, to his friends, was responsible for the initial deals to market and licence Star Wars. 

From the Kenner action figures, to the Marvel comics, to pre-premier convention appearances, to fan relations, and to most marketing and licencing. 

Join Carlos as he shares his personal story of how he connected with Charles and how he became a sort of Obi Wan Kenobi to Carlos and the life of this show.   

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Hey kids. We are back with another super fun episode of The Stuck At Home Show. This time around we cover everything from Bubble Bath Bottles to Apple Fights to childhood betrayal..

From there we meet up with The Sausagetarian and learn a really great cookie recipe! More from her can be found HERE!

Then we finish up with some Power Records stuff and another run-in with the poofy haired European Dude I don't like..

It's a pretty fun episode with a few different personal stories. I really hope you dig it and if you do consider hopping over to SupportTheReport.com and helping out with some Patreon support!


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Hey kids. I think that like overall this is my fave episode of The Stuck At Home Show. There is an unboxing as per usual but also a new segment about comics and everyone's favorite.. What Did Gino Vega Have For Lunch Yesterday?


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Convention time is here.  Unfortunately it seem most cons are being cancelled due to COVID-19.  So what can be done about it?  Join Carlos and Kyle at GeekFest Rants as they theorize on what Star Wars Celebration Anaheim 2020 will or would have been about, depending on it's undetermined fate. 

We'll also throw around some ideas as to how, even a cancellation could be turned into an alternative way of still providing fans with an in-home Celebration experience. 

I hope the Star Wars/Disney convention bigwigs somehow hear these ideas.

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Hey kids! This time around on the good old SAH show we start off with some talk about GI Joes and then we move onto Calgon Thoughts where discuss comic book crossover events.

From there we head to The Pandemic Pantry where Sara runs us through a quick easy Fried Rice recipe. It's totally great and you too can make it with minimal effort! Sara can be found HERE!!!

We finish the show off with ANOTHER run in with the dog off the leash guy.. This one is pretty funny too. Dude is a jerk.

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Hey kids! Here we go with another all new/all fun episode of The Stuck At Home Show. This time around we start with another GI Joe unboxing and another look around under the desk. It's top-flight radio.

From there we find out what Gino Vega had for lunch. There is a twist this week. It's totally a thrill! Make sure you are sitting down..

From there we talk about a weird visit I had with the neighbor kid.. It's kinda' weird..  This is a super fun episode my dudes. I really had a good time with this one!

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Hey kids! Get ready for an all new/all fun episode of The Stuck At Home Show! This time around we start of with an ebay unboxing and then move onto an all new segment with my gal The Sausagatarian called The Pandemic Pantry. It's a neat little cooking segment. 

You can find more from The Sausagatarian here HERE! 

I think this is a really great episode just chock full of weird and fun things and sounds! Make sure to tell a friend and make sure to hop over to SupportTheReport.com and consider helping out with a little Patreon Support!

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Hey kids. This time around on The Stuck At Home show we cover everything from GI Joe Figures to Grandma Pizza! It's a full range of fun and interesting topics.

PLUS we find out what Gino Vega had for lunch! This one is a doozy!

It's a fun show like always so PLEASE! Make sure to tell a friend!.

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