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In 1983 William Peter Blatty wrote Legion, his sequel to the Exorcist, but not until 1990 did we get to see his film version of that book.  But was it truly his version of the book?  Join Carlos on GeekFest Rants as he examines the book, and Director's Cut. 

We'll cover topics like Brad Dourif's tremendous performance, to the recasting of Jason Miller, to the differences between the book and the film, and to the behind the scenes struggle between Blatty and the studio, Morgan Creek.

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Hey kids. Man, what a weekend I had. It was all full of annoyances and stuff. I'm gonna let the story speak for itself. 

Then we're gonna talk a small bit about pizza and move into some other things like me finally getting out of the house for a non grocery related trip. It was pretty mild. 

Thanks for tuning in as alway and please, if you have a minute share this with a pal. They will be happy that you thought enough of them to do so.

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Hey kids. We have a super great show ahead of us this week. We start off with a package that I got in the mail. It's a pretty fun action figure.

From there we have a new segment about Dumpster Diving. I was peeking around in a garbage can the other day and found some pretty cool stuff. That's what the pandemic has brought your dude to.. poking around in garbage cans...

Then we have a Pandemic Pantry with your gal The Sausagetarian.. This time around she's gonna walk us through a pretty neat Banana Bread recipe... She also shares a game changer of a tip! 

At the end I share a personal tale from the High School days.. 

This is a pretty fun episode. Hope you kids dig it!

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Hey kids. Buckle up for another super exciting episode of The Stuck At Home Show! We start off with some fun Fisher Price Adventure People talk and then move into What Gino Vega Had For Lunch and then pay a visit to The Garage Comic Shoppe... 

Overall this might be the greatest Podcast Episode Of All The Times.. I mean that.. 

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Hey kids. This time around we have a super awesome show ahead of us. We start off with another action figure opening and then I talk about a case I bought for all my new Corps Figures.

From there we have a nice Pandemic Pantry segment with our gal The Sausagatarian. This time around she walks us through her Cheesy Butter Noodle Recipe! It's dope. 

We finish off with some Rocky Talk and a bunch of other great things. It's a really great episode! Make sure to tell a friend. 

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Will the real director please stand up. Did Steven Spielberg or Tobe Hooper direct Poltergeist?  Sometimes it's not as easy as looking at the credits to see who directed a movie. 

Today on GeekFest Rants, Carlos will sift through Ghost Directors and the infamous Alan Smithee directing credit. 

Then on posters of the month, we'll look at the Star Wars One Year Birthday poster and one of Boris Vallejo's The Empire Strikes Back Coca-Cola posters.

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Hey kids! We are back with another exciting episode of The Stuck At Home Show. This time around we have a TON of fun stuff ahead of us. 

We start with some GI Joe Talk and then move onto what Gino Vega had for lunch and then move into some other great stuff. Man, this is one of my favorite episodes of The SAH so far!

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Hey kids! So glad to be back with you guys again. This time around we start off with a tale of Spring Lake and of Swimming pools. Its a pretty fun segment. It has sound effects and stuff...

From there we find out what Gino Vega had for lunch and talk about tracking your calories. We appreciate my dog taking part in the show. He's a real good egg. 

Overall I think this is a pretty good episode and at this point it pretty much exactly what you need. 

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Hey kids! We are back after a nice holiday week, well we had computer troubles but I made the best of it.. Anyhow, we start off with a package opening and then a bit of talk about The Corps by Lanard Toys. It's fairly interesting stuff. 

From there we get a message from your friend and mine Iceberg Thirteen. We haven't heard from dude in forever and man it's a doozy. He has a pretty hot talk about dudes who don't want to wear a mask! You tell em' Iceberg!

Then we move onto The Pandemic Pantry where our gal The Sausagatarian talks about the principles of making a good salad. It's a great segment. Hit her up at..Sausagatarian. It's well worth your time.

Thanks for tuning in and thanks for doing all that you can do to take care of your fellow man. 

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