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Hey kids. It's me ISR and we are back for another super fun episode of The SAH where this time around we're gonna start off with something I've wanted to talk about for the longest time... The All New, Retro Skeletor Figure. I love him

From there we head to The Pandemic Pantry with our gal Sara Bir: The Sausagetartian.. She's gonna talk about some super interesting stuff... I don't wanna spoil it.

Then I'm gonna wine about some home repair issues and we're gonna finish it off with some talk about Froot Loops!  

It's a ton of fun this time around. Make sure to tell a friend! 

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Hey kids. We are back for another super exciting episode. This time around we're gonna return to the land of movies and to the land of Top 5's..! I mean, come on, who doesn't like a list? I for sure do, and I like movies and I like Jennifer Jason Leigh so this one is right up my alley. I hope it's up your too!

Thanks as always for tuning in and if you have a minute and could share this with a friend I'd really appreciate it! 

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What happens when you sometimes rewatch a comedy 30 or 40 years later?  Perhaps with a younger audience.  Do the jokes still hold up?  Can some of those jokes now be considered offensive or insensitive? 

Do social and/or moral norms change through the years? Or do we, as the audience, mature emotionally with time.

Join Carlos today at GeekFest Rants as we look back at some of our favorite 70's, 80's, and 90's comedies and see if they are now considered outdated.  

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Hey kids. We are back with another exciting episode of The MSGVP!!! On this one GV covers the start of his attempt to watch all of Star Trek in air-date order, plus thoughts on HBO's Watchmen series and family life and death.

It's a super great show like always. Make sure to tell a friend. That's really important. The best way to grow the show and to reach a bigger audience is by you guys telling your friends you dig the show! They will totally thank you for it!

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Hey kids! We are back with another super fun episode of The SAH Show! This time around we start with me, ISR opening up an ancient GI Joe Box containing a really great Missile Defense Unit. We also go over the catalog and the stuff that was in the box. It's a ton of fun!

From there we have a visit with out dude Gino Vega and we take a minute to learn what he had for lunch yesterday.

The we talk Dumpster Diving and then go onto some HPI where we talk about healthy snacks!

It's a great time as always, make sure to tell a friend!


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Hey kids. We are back with another exciting episode from our dude Gino Vega where he has some post election thoughts and some thoughts on how to stay ELE (Everybody Love Everybody) in a sometimes Non-ELE World.

It's great stuff like always and as always thanks for tuning in and make sure to tell a friend! 

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Hey kids. This time around on The SAH we take a look at a recent Jewel I found out there in the wild.. It's something I've been searching for a minute now so it's great to actually have it in my hand..

Then we take a look at Gino Vega's lunch and what that might entail.. From there we talk pizza, go to The Dollar Tree and talk about some recent Flea Market finds!

It's a really fun episode with a ton of neat little things scattered throughout..

I hope you enjoy it and as always please make sure to tell a friend! 

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It's time to break out the X-Acto knife, the Dremel, the Crazy Glue, the Testor paints, and the Milliput. 

Join us today at GeekFest Rants as Carlos discusses his attempts at custom Kenner Star Wars figures creating.

We'll cover some of the easiest figures to customize like X-Wing Luke(without helmet), Hoth Han(without hood), to more difficult ones like Battle Damage Vader, Mon Cal Officer, and many more. 

If Kenner never made the figure, chancer are you can make it yourself.

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Hey kids! Well, what a wacky time right now huh? Man, I don't know what to say about anything going on but what I do know how to do is make a list so that's what I did...

I am a huge fan of my dude Kevin Costner so this list came together pretty easily. Make note, these are MY favorite Kevin Costner movies not what some folks would think are the BEST movies Kev ever made...

Also, this was recorded pre-election so it is free of any sort of election thoughts... That's prolly pretty refreshing right about now.. 


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Hey kids. Here we go, another all new/all fun episode of The SAH Show.. this time around we talk about all sorts of mundane things like hanging around the house, power outages and cereal..

Plus we have a nice little call in from my good pal Sara The Sausagetarian where she talks about her attempt to become a polling place volunteer!

It's a pretty fun episode though so please if at all possible make sure to tell a friend!

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