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Today on GeekFest Rants we have a video presentation.  Join Carlos as he takes a look at Star Trek future ships.  Some are time travel related, some are not.  But all of them are also represented by Eaglemoss reproductions. 

We'll explore their role on the episode they appeared on, their conceptual design, and their Eaglemoss recreations.

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On this episode, GV shakes his fist at the physical world and bends reality to find a missing USB cord. Then it's on to talk about not being sick for over a year and retro pandemic memories, a look back at his recent re-read of the original GI Joe Marvel run, and the first part of some general comic book talk, with more to come next time.

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Hey kids. We are back with another super fun episode of the SAH. This time around we start off by opening some stuff up and the The Sausagetarian shows up to talk about the power of making a mistake. It's good stuff.

From there we talk about Honey Nut Cheerios and go over to The Dollar Tree and look at toys...

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On this deluxe, super-sized, value meal episode, GV talks people taking things too literally, tells beverage tales about orange sodas and fruit punch, and, in the main event, takes a jaunt through his list of top fast food franchises.

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Hey kids! We have a great show ahead of us this week. We start off with me opening up the new Lanard Alien Toy. I thought it was pretty great.

From there we move right onto the cookie list. I put a lot of thought into this one and to be real, I still feel like I could flip the script on a few choices..

At the end of the show we take an interesting call...

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Today on GeekFest Rants we have action figures and posters.  On the figure side Carlos will talk about the new Mezco, The Warriors 5 action figure set.  Then on the poster side we look at the Michael Crichton sci-fi/western classic, Westworld drawn by Neal Adams. 

Plus, the new Grogu Read library poster inspired by the classic Yoda Read poster from the 80's.

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On this episode, GV considers the difference between him at 15 and Miss Sensational 1 at 15, talks the Sausagetarian's debut hosting the Stuck at Home Show, muses on a failed new year resolution to read more, eats McDonald's Chicken McNuggets for the first time in years, and tells three tales of spicy foods.

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Hey kids. Your dude IseeRobots is away. He's deep in the woods looking for mental clarity but fear not the show is in able hands as Sara Bir, The Sausagetarian fills in with a dose of American Pizza Man and a fact filled HPI, The Horse Power Initiative! 

More from Sara can be found here Sausagetarian.com

or at Instagram.com/Sausagetarian 

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On this episode, GV talks about moving Sensational Manor through space and time, asks if some experiences with his former home of Santa Rosa, CA match up with people from other midsize cities, and talks about valuing time more than money.

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Hey kids. We have a great time ahead of us this week. We're gonna start with a Mego opening and then move onto Gino Vega's Lunch and some Baseball Card talk.

We finish off with my tale of meeting MLB Great Marshall Brandt in my sophomore year math class. It's a great tale.

Thanks for tuning in and as always, Make Sure To Tell A Friend! 

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