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November 7, 2015

My Posse Is On Jupiter

Hey kids! I got a couple of requests for this little jam off of an episode a couple of episodes ago. It's pretty cool. It's basically a little take on Sir Mix A Lot's Classic Jam, My Posse's On Broadway. It's a little fun. Give it a listen if you get a second or two.. 

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Hey kids! It's me again, IseeRobots. I love messing around with Power Records/Peter Pan Records so what we have here today is something I found on the old Station Computer that I'd made awhile back and just forgot to upload. It's pretty fun. I take a cool GI Joe Record and mix it with some beats and some toy commercials and stuff. It's cool man, and only like 10 minutes long or so. Give it a listen. You won't be sorry for more than 10 minutes and that's not so bad really! 

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October 1, 2015

That Podcast Made My Day

Hey kids! I got a couple of requests to post that song that Iceberg Thirteen and Melissa made the other day. It's a pretty dope take off on Run DMC's classic jam, Peter Piper.. Take a listen. You won't be sorry for long....

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September 11, 2015

I Got Stuff 2

Hey kids. I got a couple of requests for the song from the last episode.. Episode 49. It's called " I Got Stuff 2" and it's performed by Ensign Melissa and ship DJ Iceberg 13. It's pretty fun and super short so ya, here you go... . 

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Had a smidgen of extra space on the good old space station's hard drive.. so, hey why not drop a brief Retro Remix. Kind of fun! Hope you enjoy it. 

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Hey kids, I got a couple of requests for the old IseeRobots Radio Theme song. Ya, It's a banger. Anyway, I got some requests so here it is in all it's glory. Enjoy! 

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July 23, 2015

I Call All The Shots

Hey kids. I got a couple requests for this hot new jam I produced the other day. It's called, I Call All The Shots and it features vocals by our pal Ensign Melissa from The Station and a cool beat by IDK, someone. Make sure to give it a listen! 

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Hey kids! In light of Pete's recent, latest disgrace we have an awesome Atari 2600 Retro Remix in his honor... take a listen if you get a minute. It's super short! 

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Hey kids! I got a request for this oldie but goodie from the days of IseeRobots Radio. It's a neat little remix of The GOAT of all wrestling announcers Gordon Solie calling a battle royal. It's a little bit fun. Just a nice little goodie for you guys. Hope it helps you get through the week! 

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