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Hey kids. We have a ton of fun stuff on this week's episode. We ruminate about the early days of lockdown. It's a real trip down Memory Lane.

From there we talk about this and that and take a HUGE CALL IN from Steve Balboni. It is actually factually kind of Earth Shattering! 

Then we open some cards, talk 70's football and dive bars..

There is some huge news at the end so make sure to listen all the way through!

If you have a sec tell a friend about the show. The number one way to grow a podcast is through word of mouth! 

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Hey kids. Welcome to the 1st ever episode of The GVS... It's basically the same as the SAH but with a more post-pandemic feel... More hope, less survival. 

We start off the show with some MOTU talk and then from there see what our guy Gino had for lunch that day... 

From there it's some baseball card talk. I got a couple pretty fun rookie cards and I wanna share them with you guys!

It's a super fun show this week. Make sure to tell a friend! 

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