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Hey kids. Special presentation this week. Man, I love Power Records and this one here is a doozy. It's called The Treasure Of The Sharks and it features some of the worst voice acting of all the times. It's super fun. Also, Iceberg Thirteen is there helping out, acting as the co host as it were. This is a super fun episode. Just so great. Make sure to tune in and make sure to tell a friend! Also, we got a dope new theme song. You don't wanna miss that. It's ill dude. So ya, tell a friend and hop on over to SupportTheReport,com and check out what we can do for you for becoming a show supporter... 

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Hey kids. This week on the show we are straight up polishing turds. What I mean by this is that we had a bit of a space virus floating around the station and I was it's one and only victim. Yep, I wasn't feeling to great but I made the most of a bad situation and crafted one heck of a fun episode. I successfully polished a turd. Made it nice and pretty.

The show starts of with a bit of mixing by our boy Iceberg 13 and a brand new tune he and Ensign Melissa cooked up. It's pretty dope.

Then it's on to a cool story about Poisoned Meatballs and a big dog jail break. It's a good one. After that it's At The Movies where we talk about a cool flick we saw of The VOD called Dark Places and we talk all about it.

Then it's onward and upward to Tales From The Dig and I got a couple doozies. It's a good time

Overall this is a super fun episode and I'm sure you'll dig it. Make sure to tell a pal and dude, make sure to hop on over to SupportTheReport.com and give us a few minutes of your time. It's worth it dude. I mean, you like the show right? Sure you do, so honor us with a second of your time. It's not going to hurt.

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September 19, 2015

Crucial Breaking News Update

Hey kids it's me, IseeRobots. Please consider donating to the ISR Lake County Fire Relief Fund! It's the most important thing you will do this week. Guaranteed! Follow that link down there to see what you can do to help. Please, it's mad important. 

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Hey kids! We made it all the way to episode 50! Let's give us a big hand. This week on the show we continue our series on the original 1982 Gi Joe Real American Hero Figures. Rock N Roll was the team's Machine Gunner. I dug him and this week we are going to learn all about him and his figures.

At The Movies this week is all about a EDM movie starring Zac Efron called, We Are Your Friends. I'll tell you all about that.

There is a story about Emma Watson in there as well as some talk about Force Friday over at The Toys R Us. I don't want to spoil anything for you but this is the single most failed episode in history. It's a fun episode but basically the theme is how I get foiled at every corner. It was just one of those weeks. I have a cold and that made a big difference in things too... Oh well. It's real fun at any rate!

Wanna help out a bit? Sure you do! Hop on over to SupportTheReport.com and consider helping us out with as little as a dollar a month. For real, and I mean this, if we could get a dollar a month out of half you kids who dig the show, well, it'd make a huge difference here on The Jupiter Station. A dollar aint much dudes. Not hardly a thing. Also, helping makes you feel good. It's worth it just for that. 

Enjoy The Show!









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September 15, 2015

Breaking News!

Folks The people of Middletown California, that's an area very close to the Earth Station of ISR Command has been devastated by a uncontrollable wild fire. I think we need to help. I've set up a GoFundMe Campaign to help out! 

Please my dudes, this is super important. Some people have lost everything. The town looks like a bomb hit it. It's very sad and in my opinion up to all of us to help. Give anything, I mean that. Anything will help. Anything at all. 

Spread the word too and keep the people of Middletown in your thoughts. 
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September 11, 2015

I Got Stuff 2

Hey kids. I got a couple of requests for the song from the last episode.. Episode 49. It's called " I Got Stuff 2" and it's performed by Ensign Melissa and ship DJ Iceberg 13. It's pretty fun and super short so ya, here you go... . 

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Hey kids! Thanks for tuning in! We have an AWESOME! Show ahead of us this week. It starts off with a tale of childhood beef and then moves on to a review of a flick we saw called Southpaw and then, the main event! A tale so big that it needed it's own episode! A story called, The Battle For The Flea Market spot! It's an epic tale. I don't want to spoil it in anyway. Just tune in and drop out pal. It's a wild ride!

Please consider becoming a show patron for as little as one dollar per month. It helps us to keep producing the show on a weekly basis. Really, at least think about it. A dollar aint much to you but it'd help us out here on the station. We still have repairs from that Pirate Attack a few weeks back. It was devastating. So please, if you enjoy the show consider helping out. Click HERE To find out how! You won't be sorry for long.








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Hey kids! Thanks for stopping by. This week we got more At The Movies, I know, you want some toy talk and believe me, it's coming. The Summer is just movie time and we here at The Toys R Us Report go with the flow so, all movies all the time lately. Things are gonna change though. Don't sweat it.

This week we saw two movies, the first one was pretty dope. It was called The Man From U.N.C.L.E and then we saw another one, the one that sparked me to dedicate a whole episode to it. Yes, Straight Outta Compton. I had some thoughts on this and I'm gonna share them with you.

We also dedicate a T.R.O.Y or They Reminisce Over You to one of my alltime favorite ladies, Yvonne Craig. She passed recently and I took the blow hard. She was my first celeb crush and she will be missed.
It's a fun show like always. Make sure to tell a friend and make sure to hop on over to SupportTheReport.com to learn how you can get up on the all new/all fun Toys R Us Report VHS Edition!

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