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September 15, 2015

The Toys R Us Report Episode 50: GI Joe’s Machine Gunner Rock N’ Roll

Hey kids! We made it all the way to episode 50! Let's give us a big hand. This week on the show we continue our series on the original 1982 Gi Joe Real American Hero Figures. Rock N Roll was the team's Machine Gunner. I dug him and this week we are going to learn all about him and his figures.

At The Movies this week is all about a EDM movie starring Zac Efron called, We Are Your Friends. I'll tell you all about that.

There is a story about Emma Watson in there as well as some talk about Force Friday over at The Toys R Us. I don't want to spoil anything for you but this is the single most failed episode in history. It's a fun episode but basically the theme is how I get foiled at every corner. It was just one of those weeks. I have a cold and that made a big difference in things too... Oh well. It's real fun at any rate!

Wanna help out a bit? Sure you do! Hop on over to SupportTheReport.com and consider helping us out with as little as a dollar a month. For real, and I mean this, if we could get a dollar a month out of half you kids who dig the show, well, it'd make a huge difference here on The Jupiter Station. A dollar aint much dudes. Not hardly a thing. Also, helping makes you feel good. It's worth it just for that. 

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