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Hey kids. We have a real humdinger of a show this week! We're doing two of the things you guys seem to like me to talk about the most in the same feature! We're gonna talk food, AND do a Top 5! Plus, it's Halloween Related.. The Top 5 Halloween Candies Of All The Times! It's gonna be great.

Before we get there though we have to pass through some somber space and confront the passing of Robert Forrester. I was lucky enough to meet Mr. Forrester once and I really wanted to share that story with you guys. He was a nice dude.

For At The Movies we're gonna take a peek at a horror comedy called Zombieland: Double Tap. It's a sequel to a movie that came out ten years ago.. I don't know. We'll talk about it in a spoiler free way. 

Then it's on to the Main Event.. The Top 5 Trick Or Treat Candies Of All The Times. This is a pretty fun one. Basically the idea is, when I was sorting out my post Trick Or Treat winnings what were the candies that I gave the highest priority to...? Which ones did I either eat first or save for last? It's a ton of fun.

For the final segment of the show we talk the recent blackout, Megos, Halloween decorations and a bunch of other cool topics. 

Thanks for tuning in. Have a happy/spooky Halloween and make sure to tell a friend...

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Today on GeekFest Rants, Carlos takes a look back at the life and work of actor Bill Paxton. From the classics like Weird Science, Aliens, The Terminator, True Lies, Titanic, and Avatar to his rock band Martini Ranch, to his TV roles in Big Love and Agents of Shield. 

Plus we'll talk about two very emotional interviews he gave a few days before his untimely passing.

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Hey kids! As some of you may know Sonoma County where I live was recently struck with a mandatory blackout due to high winds and such. The fear was that the wind would knock over power poles and start another fire like back a couple years ago.

It was pretty wild. We were without power for days.. During that time I set up a makeshift studio using my mini-recorder and a boombox. My thought was to record a POS or Patreon Only Show but as time went on and I started working on it I began to see that it might be an interesting story for everyone..

I talk about what I did during that time, how we made it through without electricity. What we did for fun how we kept the food fresh all sorts of stuff. It's an overall pretty interesting episode and somewhat newsworthy.. 

I hope you all enjoy hearing my tales and if you are interested in hearing more stuff like this there are like 10 other POS episodes over on Patreon.. Check it out over at SupportTheReport.com 

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This week on The ISR Show we have a super awesome episode ahead of us! We start off with a convo between me and Iceberg. We're in the Jupiter Base Snack Shack and talk about Emily, Aliens and all sorts of stuff... It's fun.

Then we move onto At The Movies where we're gonna take a spoiler-free peak into The Joker.. DC's latest Comic Book Movie. I enjoyed it and have some thoughts on it and what it means to DC and the world at large..

For the Main Event of the show we're gonna revisit one of my favorite topics of all the times and space.. From Ace To Zartan! This time around we're gonna take a look at all of the GI Joe Real American Hero Figures from 1984. This includes dudes like Zartan, Duke, The Baroness and many others. It's a fun and info packed segment..

We kind of cut the final segment short because From Ace To Zartan went so long.. There is some toy talk and mention of a helmet I got for a Mego of mine.. It's a good time..

Make sure to tell a friend! We need your support to grow the pod into the world wide phenomenon it can be.. lol..

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Have you heard the News? As in Huey Lewis and the News.  Today on GeekFest Rants, Carlos profiles his favorite 80s rock signer/band, Huey Lewis and the News. 

We cover all the albums, from the mega successful Sports to the Back to the Future soundtrack, to Fore!, to many more. 

We'll cover almost 40 years of music. movie parts, concerts, law suits, and the ups and downs of the band. 

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Hey kids! This week on the show we have a ton of fun stuff ahead of us. We start off with a scary encounter with The Corinthian Army. We were lucky to get away with our lives! Luckily Emily is an awesome pilot and we got some much needed air support!

From there we head to At The Movies where we take a look at Brad Pitt's space epic Ad Astra.. I liked it a lot and I'll tell you all about it without getting into spoilers.

Then for the main event of the show we're gonna revist a comic show I went to this past week. It's was amazing! There were a ton of great comics AND I got to sit in on a panel with a bunch of actors from Walter Hill's cult classic film.. The Warriors! It was so informative and so fun!

For the final segment of the show I'm gonna talk about some action figures I got at The Disney Store as well as a weird dream I had.. It's pretty fun!...

Thanks for tuning in and make sure to tell a friend! 

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