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October 16, 2019

The POS Blackout Special 2019

Hey kids! As some of you may know Sonoma County where I live was recently struck with a mandatory blackout due to high winds and such. The fear was that the wind would knock over power poles and start another fire like back a couple years ago.

It was pretty wild. We were without power for days.. During that time I set up a makeshift studio using my mini-recorder and a boombox. My thought was to record a POS or Patreon Only Show but as time went on and I started working on it I began to see that it might be an interesting story for everyone..

I talk about what I did during that time, how we made it through without electricity. What we did for fun how we kept the food fresh all sorts of stuff. It's an overall pretty interesting episode and somewhat newsworthy.. 

I hope you all enjoy hearing my tales and if you are interested in hearing more stuff like this there are like 10 other POS episodes over on Patreon.. Check it out over at SupportTheReport.com 

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