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As we near the 2020 Presidential election, join Carlos today at GeekFest Rants as he recommends a number of films(and a TV show) to prep you for the issues that dominate this historic election. 

The films included are, All the President's Men, The Manchurian Candidate, The Handmaid's Tale(TV show), The Birth of a Nation, Jonestown the Life and Death of Peoples Temple, and Judgement at Nuremberg.  Plus he recaps the films he suggested back in the 2016 election.  

WARNING: This is a very heavily opinionated political themed episode and the views expressed are solely the ones of Carlos.  In other words, if you feel politics are a bad subject to discuss, you might want to skip this episode and return next week.

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Here we go guys.. Another super fun episode of The Mr.Sensational Gino Vega Podcast.. This time around our guy talks about this and that all from the comfort of his newly empty home. What? Yep, the kids are back in school and our dude is all on his lonesome....

Hope you enjoy the show and please, make sure to tell a friend! 

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Hey kids! We are back for another super fun episode of the SAH. This time we start with a package I received in the mail. It's a good one. 

From there we head to the Pandemic Pantry where our gal Sara talks about a recent Covid scare/test that she had. It's pretty interesting! You can find more from Sara HERE!!!! 

Then we head to The Garage Comic Shop and finish off with some more fun stuff. It's a great episode like always. Make sure to tell a friend! 

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If you love trippy sci-fi shows, this is your lucky day.  Today on GeekFest Rants join Carlos as he reviews two fantastic new sci-fi show that just concluded on streaming services.  One is Devs, from the mind of Ex Machina's Alex Garland.  This one is about determinism vs. free will and it stars Nick Offerman, from Parks and Recreation, and Sonoya Mizuno, form Ex Machina and Annihilation. 

The other is Raised By Wolves, produced by Ridley Scott.  Here Scott returns to the themes of the ravages of war caused by believers and non-believers, with a dose of androids and Alien aesthetics.

Let's make sure not to anger Mother.

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Hey kids. What A time to be alive! Why? Because you get an all new MSGVP! How awesome is that? Pretty great right? 

This time around our guy talks about how he hates San Francisco then moves onto his love of Fall and a bunch of other stuff like that! 

It's a great episode as always. Make sure to tell a friend!  

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Hey kids. We are back again with another fun episode of The SAH. We start this one off with some talk about some really neat little GI Joe Toys I bought and then from there we have a new segment where we get a little sneaky look at some of the stuff our guy Gino Vega asks his phone.. It's pretty illuminating..

Then we move onto American Pizza Man and talk about some pizzas I've made and finish it off with some cereal talk..

It's a really fun episode. Make sure to tell a friend! 

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Hey kids! We are back with another exciting episode.. What's on it? I really don't remember because I actually recorded it a few weeks ago before all the Glass Fire nonsense... 
I know I opened some Minimates and I think that there might be a Pandemic Pantry if I recall correctly and I think I talk cereal and WKRP but don't hold me to any of that... 
I hope you guys enjoy the show and as always please, please make sure to tell a friend... 
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Hey kids! Your boy Mr.Sensational is back with another super exciting episode.. this time around our guy shares his Thoughts on health, fitness, and ISR's horsepower initiative plus delves into the idea was everything better back when?

Was it? Let us know what you think...


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Hey kids. Yep, we are back with another all fun episode of The Stuck At Home. This time around we talk about the aftermath of the fire and all sorts of fun stuff like that.. 

It's a great episode as always. Make sure to tell a friend! 

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Let's take one final trip to the world of Star Wars - The Rise of Skywalker.  Join Carlos today at GeekFest Rants as he reviews the movie adaptation novel version of the last chapter of the Skywalker saga. 

How much more does this book add to the existing film?  Does it make the film any better?  What exactly is an Expanded Edition?  And how much does this book rely on the VIsual Dictionary as source material?

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