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Hey kids. Only one more week till the big release of the all the ISR Joint.. World Famous but until then how about one more Classic Episode from the past. This is a good one man, there is some Iceberg and Emily, Some Hobbes and Shaw talk and a ton of other good stuff.. Give it a listen.. Here is what I had to say at the time....

This week on the show we start off with a conversation between me, Emily and Iceberg about Food, why eating is gross and my desire for a Taco Pill which Emily actually has! It's wild and not to be missed... 
From there we talk about a movie I saw called Hobbes and Shaw. It's the latest in the Fast and Furious series, well it's a spin-off but still.
For the main event of the show I'm gonna tell you guys all about my day as a Flea Market Vendor. It was pretty fun and something I recommend to anyone interested. It's wild to be on the other side of the table ya know... 
In the last segment I talk about depressive tunnels and toys and make another trip to The Last Record Store.. It's a great time. At the end I PLEAD with you guys to share the show on Facebook or Twitter.. Dudes, it's really important... 
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In this episode GV reviews two cereal variety packs he tried recently, then talks the Netflix Castlevania show, Castlevania video games, his thoughts on Vampire lore, and probably too much more.

Make sure to tell a friend. The number one way to grow a pod is through word of mouth! 

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Hey kids! We are back with some new stuff and man, it's fun.. We're gonna learn all about Marvel's premier super-spy... The Black Widow all through the lens of The Marvel Handbook! 

We're gonna learn her origins, powers, weapons and then take a look at some merch and comics from her illustrious past!

It's a really fun episode and just in time for her upcoming movie!

Thanks for tuning in and make sure to tell a friend! 

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Once in a while Hollywood gets it right.  Sometimes you hit the prefect storm of script, director, cast, crew, location, cinematography, music, and sound. 

Join Carlos today on GeekFest Rants as he takes a trip from rediscovering the Oliver Stone film Platoon, to reading the movie tie-in by Dale Dye and then researching the evolving script that makes up this cinematic masterpiece. 

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In this episode GV talks about real estate struggles, considers the nature of work and the meaning of labor, then closes things out with a look back at Sierra and Lucasarts games and the time he lost his copy of Loom to a teenage heel.

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Hey kids, we're cooking up some new content and should more than likely be back with a new show soon but until then why not listen to one of my favorite episodes of ALL THE TIMES! TBL: Comic Book Stores! This one was an absolute labor of love with a ton of hard work in it. It's about 2 hours long and should help you to make it through a hard work week...

Here's what I had to say at the time...

Hey kids! This week we have a little something different. An All New Episode of.. This Boring Life, where every episode we will explore The Secret Origin Of IseeRobots. One Topic At A Time. 
The topic for this episode? Comic Stores. Yep, this is the one where I go in-depth into my comic book collecting history. It's super fun and also Super Informative. Over the course of the show we take a look at all of the comic shops here in lovely Santa Rosa California and the surrounding areas.
There are stories about Mr. T, this is one of my best stories so make sure to give it a listen. There are tales of my early days in SR as well as a story about the time I met comic book legend, Jim lee. 
It's a super fun episode and at just over 2 hours long is the longest episode of anything that I have recorded to date. I don't know if that is good or bad. 
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Claude Rains

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Join Carlos today at GeekFest Rants as he reviews two films on streaming services.  First we have Mortal Kombat, inspired by the classic video game.  Can this new outing at bringing this game to the silver screen work? 

Then we have The Girl with All the Gifts.  A new twist on the zombie genre.  Is it possible to provide something fresh when it comes to those nasty flesh eaters? 

And finally we will compare the excellent film The Martian to the source book by Andy Weir.  Which one do you think is better?

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On this episode, GV talks about the Sammartino vs. Zbyszko-esque feud between Apple and Facebook (and his uncharacteristic lack of concern re: online privacy). Then it's a look back at the first job he ever had: bussing tables at Willie Bird's restaurant in Santa Rosa, CA.

Make sure to tell a friend. The number one way to grow a pod is by telling your pals! 

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Hey kids. I've been doing a Patreon Exclusive Show for a bit now and IDK, this seems like a perfect time to share that with you guys. The POS is a bit more Low-Fi than our regular ISR Type shows.. It's me out and about with my mini-recorder talking about whatever while doing this and that around the Earth Base... 

It's a pretty fun time TBH, a bit more personal than the ISR Show... Give it a listen and see what you think.. Want some more of this? Hop over to SupportTheReport.com to find out how..

This is what I had to say at the time...

This time around we hang and clang around the garage and call in from the dig before getting scared by thunder... 

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