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Are you an adult that still collects action figures and graphic t-shirts?  Well, we are too.  Join Carlos today at GeekFest Rants as he focuses on his latest acquisitions in the world of action figures and  graphic t-shirts. 

This will include properties like Star Trek, Escape from New York, G.I. Joe, The Thing, Star Wars, Mad Max, Halloween, and Annabelle.  So the question is, are we an opener or a mint on card collector?  Tune in and find out.

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In BIG EPISODE 50, GV talks about the joys of being ordinary while announcing some EARTH SHATTERING news regarding the future of the podcast. Then it's on to dissecting some bizarre takes re: the recent Masters of the Universe Netflix show, as the scarcity/abundance dichotomy returns to center stage.

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July 26, 2021

Worlds Famous Ep.8

Hey kids. We have a really great show ahead of us this week. We're gonna talk food cubes, we're gonna open up some Alien trading cards and we're gonna head over to the gym and talk about Mr.Wonderful Paul Orndorff (TROY). 

The main event this week is the opening of flea market season over at the vet's building. We're gonna go over the cool things that I found that day. It's gonna be great!

Make sure to tell a friend! 

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Hey kids! Welcome to another exciting classic GFR! This time around our guys Carlos and James talk Starlog Magazine! Let's see what they had to say at the time...

Before the internet gave us access to Ain't It Cool News, Dark Horizons, You Tube, Collider, and Super Hero Hype, all we geeks had was print media and Starlog Magazine was the place to go.  

Join Carlos and James as they recall the days when we eagerly awaited the next issue of Starlog Magazine to learn about upcoming genre projects as well as conventions and merchandise.

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In this episode, GV talks about The Talking Heads, orthodontia, dentistry, and auto mechanics, then spends some time reflecting on the career of Vic Sage, the world's greatest arcade employee.

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July 19, 2021

Worlds Famous Ep.7

hey kids! This week on Worlds Famous we start off with a trip to the Oakland Coliseum to take in a baseball game! Some real on the spot reporting.

For the first seg we open up another pack of Yo! MTV Raps cards in search of the elusive MF. Doom Rookie Card.. Do we find it? Who knows..

Then there is some more Japanese League Baseball talk. 

From there we dig into some Masters Of The Universe Figures and have another call in from Steve Balboni Bigfoot Hunter. 

It's a really fun show this week. Make sure to tell a friend! 

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We are back from a short break and this time we are going to look at some crime thriller mysteries on TV.  We begin with The Head, a murder who-done-it with some The Thing vibes. 

Then, The Fall with Gillian Anderson in another fantastic performance.  Yes this is the same Gillian Anderson from The X-Files. 

Then we move on to Mare of Easttown with Kate Winslet.  A good surprise from this ex-Titanic star. 

And finally we get Clarice.  The latest incarnation of the ongoing Silence of the Lambs universe.

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In this episode, GV is inspired by the World Famous ISR show to talk about weird rock music trading cards he had as a kid, then its on to sharing a recent story about literalism, followed by the main event: a look at the Pickle Family Circus and its role in helping shape the Vegaverse.

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July 12, 2021

Worlds Famous Ep.6

Hey kids. We are back for another super exciting episode of Worlds Famous. This time out our guy ISR tries to eat a peacful lunch in the Moon Base Cafeteria when a coworker joins him..

Then we open up some Cyndi Lauper Cards and discuss non sports rookie cards...

Toward the end we open up an action figure and take a look at some jokes from this month's Readers Digest!

It's a great episode this week. Make sure to tell a friend! 

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Hey kids! We are back for another installment of Classic Geekfest Rants! This time around we're gonna give a listen to episode 211.  It's about Miami Vice. Let's see what Carlos had to say at the time....

Today we remember a time where a television show inspired men to wear white Italian linen suits over pastel T-shirts while wearing imported shoes with no socks.  To sport a five o'clock shadow 24/7 and to drive expensive sports cars.....well....maybe getting the cars was a little more difficult.  

We are of course talking about Miami Vice, the 1984 cop show that upped the ante on the modern cop show.  For years we had different versions of gritty cops but now we had the cool cops.  

From music, to fashion, to action, Don Johnson and Philip Michael Thomas became television stars and Miami Vice became the latest evolution of the American cop show.  Join us today as Carlos and James take a ride to Miami Vice.

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