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July 9, 2021

Classic Geekfest Rants! Ep.211: Miami Vice - 30th Anniversary

Hey kids! We are back for another installment of Classic Geekfest Rants! This time around we're gonna give a listen to episode 211.  It's about Miami Vice. Let's see what Carlos had to say at the time....

Today we remember a time where a television show inspired men to wear white Italian linen suits over pastel T-shirts while wearing imported shoes with no socks.  To sport a five o'clock shadow 24/7 and to drive expensive sports cars.....well....maybe getting the cars was a little more difficult.  

We are of course talking about Miami Vice, the 1984 cop show that upped the ante on the modern cop show.  For years we had different versions of gritty cops but now we had the cool cops.  

From music, to fashion, to action, Don Johnson and Philip Michael Thomas became television stars and Miami Vice became the latest evolution of the American cop show.  Join us today as Carlos and James take a ride to Miami Vice.

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