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In this episode, GV introduces a new show segment looking at personal stories, thoughts, and anecdotes related to the original line of Masters of the Universe toys.

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GV overcame a week of more than 7 failed takes to bring you this VERY SPECIAL EPISODE of the MSGV Podcast. In this episode, GV talks about those failed takes and then tells the tale of venturing to South San Francisco to watch the legendary Minoru Suzuki perform in a banquet hall.

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On very special Episode 56, GV realizes he's suddenly in the most wonderful time of the year, a realization that causes the show to go full sports talk radio as GV defends the Las Vegas Raiders, considers the Oakland Athletics, talks habit and tradition, and describes the time that rooting for a UFC fighter his height caused him to almost have a heart attack.

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In BIG EPISODE 55, GV talks the possibility of the show making it to 100, considers the inevitability of herd mentality and the strange aversion to it when it's useful, then contemplates his mortality and the possibility of being wracked with regret on his deathbed.

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In this episode, GV talks about the death of a laptop and wage slave mentalities, then it's on to thoughts about California, fake and real beaches, and an admission of a wrong opinion.

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In this episode, GV talks about Italian Wedding Soup, the trouble with microwaves, and awkwardness during home deliveries. Then it's on to a rundown of his recent trip to Disneyland in Anaheim, CA.
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GV kicks off episode 51 with a duet (featuring Princess Jasmine) about the whole new world of school starting back up.

Then it's on to a strange visit by a creepy courier, followed by talk about friend of the network Engineer Nerd, VW Bug motors and memes, Lik M Aid, and the Thrifty drug store candy scene.

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In BIG EPISODE 50, GV talks about the joys of being ordinary while announcing some EARTH SHATTERING news regarding the future of the podcast. Then it's on to dissecting some bizarre takes re: the recent Masters of the Universe Netflix show, as the scarcity/abundance dichotomy returns to center stage.

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In this episode, GV talks about The Talking Heads, orthodontia, dentistry, and auto mechanics, then spends some time reflecting on the career of Vic Sage, the world's greatest arcade employee.

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July 19, 2021

Worlds Famous Ep.7

hey kids! This week on Worlds Famous we start off with a trip to the Oakland Coliseum to take in a baseball game! Some real on the spot reporting.

For the first seg we open up another pack of Yo! MTV Raps cards in search of the elusive MF. Doom Rookie Card.. Do we find it? Who knows..

Then there is some more Japanese League Baseball talk. 

From there we dig into some Masters Of The Universe Figures and have another call in from Steve Balboni Bigfoot Hunter. 

It's a really fun show this week. Make sure to tell a friend! 

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