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In this episode, GV talks about The Talking Heads, orthodontia, dentistry, and auto mechanics, then spends some time reflecting on the career of Vic Sage, the world's greatest arcade employee.

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July 19, 2021

Worlds Famous Ep.7

hey kids! This week on Worlds Famous we start off with a trip to the Oakland Coliseum to take in a baseball game! Some real on the spot reporting.

For the first seg we open up another pack of Yo! MTV Raps cards in search of the elusive MF. Doom Rookie Card.. Do we find it? Who knows..

Then there is some more Japanese League Baseball talk. 

From there we dig into some Masters Of The Universe Figures and have another call in from Steve Balboni Bigfoot Hunter. 

It's a really fun show this week. Make sure to tell a friend! 

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In this episode, GV is inspired by the World Famous ISR show to talk about weird rock music trading cards he had as a kid, then its on to sharing a recent story about literalism, followed by the main event: a look at the Pickle Family Circus and its role in helping shape the Vegaverse.

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On this episode, GV talks about a recent restoration of balance to the Vegaverse, then it's on to thoughts about Menudo (the band AND the soup) by way of a recent episode of the World's Famous ISeeRobots Show, and a meditation on soup in general.

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On episode 46, GV talks about appreciating the spectrum from "trash" to "high end" foods, looks at Spam as a meeting of both, chronicles his latest attempt to follow the sport of boxing, and considers combat sports storytelling.

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In this episode, GV talks about changing his walking and bedtime/waking up routines, checks in on @TEEN1DOL's twitter behavior, shouts out the new World's Famous ISeeRobots Show, considers the upcoming MOTU Netflix cartoon, and extols the joys of hiking.

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In this episode, GV explains why he's EXTREMELY jubilant, takes a look at the brand new World's Famous ISeeRobots Show, buys a baseball hat on air, and talks about life lessons learned from two computer games: The Sims and Extreme Warfare Revenge.

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In this episode GV reviews two cereal variety packs he tried recently, then talks the Netflix Castlevania show, Castlevania video games, his thoughts on Vampire lore, and probably too much more.

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In this episode GV talks about real estate struggles, considers the nature of work and the meaning of labor, then closes things out with a look back at Sierra and Lucasarts games and the time he lost his copy of Loom to a teenage heel.

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In this episode, GV talks about missing USB cords, looks back on the pandemic from the vantage point of full vaccination, eats English muffins, discusses Tiki Bars, Tiki Rooms, and Dole Whips, and plays some INXS.

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