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Hey kids. I am proud to present to you what I think is my best work. The Food Cube Fiasco for the 1st time brought to you in one big lump of audio fun.

This is basically the ISR "movie" if a movie can be only audio... It's all 36 of The Food Cube Shorts, remixed with some other interesting goodies thrown into spice it up. This has all the commercials, news breaks and bits. It's fantastic.

I am very proud of this project so if you ever share an episode please make it this one..


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Hey kids! We have a special treat this week. At The Movies is a show we do over at Patreon but I felt like it was time to let you kids know what you are missing!

This week we talk about Ambulance and cover all sorts of Movie News~! It's a really fun show.

If you'd like more head over to SupportTheReport.com to get all the details!

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Before listening to Episode 1 Of Worlds Famous here is a quick refresher on all the goings on at The Jupiter Moon Base.

It's a brief history of IseeRobots Radio, everything from Iceberg Thirteen To Johnny Coins.

Return to this track as needed. 


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Claude Rains

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Hey kids. I've been doing a Patreon Exclusive Show for a bit now and IDK, this seems like a perfect time to share that with you guys. The POS is a bit more Low-Fi than our regular ISR Type shows.. It's me out and about with my mini-recorder talking about whatever while doing this and that around the Earth Base... 

It's a pretty fun time TBH, a bit more personal than the ISR Show... Give it a listen and see what you think.. Want some more of this? Hop over to SupportTheReport.com to find out how..

This is what I had to say at the time...

This time around we hang and clang around the garage and call in from the dig before getting scared by thunder... 

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Hey kids. We have something super fun for this most wonderful time of the year, Christmas! What is it? A Sausagetarian Christmas Cookie Spectacular. Our gal Sara, The Sausagetarian spends just about under an hour with you guys talking Christmas Records, Christmas Cookies and all sorts of other Christmas related shenanigans!

It's a great time that's sure to make you want to make some Christmas Cookies of your own! 

Sara can be found at twitter.com/Sausagetarian or at Sausagetarian on Instagram.

Make sure to tell a friend! They will thank you again and again! 

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Hey kids! As some of you may know Sonoma County where I live was recently struck with a mandatory blackout due to high winds and such. The fear was that the wind would knock over power poles and start another fire like back a couple years ago.

It was pretty wild. We were without power for days.. During that time I set up a makeshift studio using my mini-recorder and a boombox. My thought was to record a POS or Patreon Only Show but as time went on and I started working on it I began to see that it might be an interesting story for everyone..

I talk about what I did during that time, how we made it through without electricity. What we did for fun how we kept the food fresh all sorts of stuff. It's an overall pretty interesting episode and somewhat newsworthy.. 

I hope you all enjoy hearing my tales and if you are interested in hearing more stuff like this there are like 10 other POS episodes over on Patreon.. Check it out over at SupportTheReport.com 

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Hey kids! Thanks for stopping by. This week we have what might be the greatest episode of The TRU RPT of ALL THE TIMES~! The 2nd Annual IseeRobots Radio Film Academy Summer Movie Awards where we celebrate all the fantastic movies that come out this, the most wonderful time of the year for films..Summer. 

As our way of honoring all of the fine filmmakers who honored us with fine Summer Films tonight on the show we'll be giving awards out in 5 categories. Best Summer Comedy, Best Summer Horror Film, Best Supporting Actor, Best Actor and Best Summer Movie.

Joining us live, via satellite are a few luminaries from the pod-casting universe, my good friends. Vic Sage and The Projectionist from The Saturday Frights PodcastZerb from Zerbinator Land and Ferg Ferguson from The Atari 2600 Game By Game PodcastGino Vega from Here on IseeRobots Radio as well as Carlos from Geekfest Rants! It's an all star cast and I was so happy to have their help and you, my dudes will be super happy to hear them! They all came correct and helped to make this a must listen to episode.

It's a great show like always, Make sure to tell a friend and make sure to stop by SupportTheReport.com and check out how you can get the ISR Supertape VHS Tape! It's totally worth it! Just do it already!

Also hop on over to VirtualDirtmall.com The ISR Superstore and take care of some of your Retro Junk Shopping needs while also supporting The Toys R Us Report.

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