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April 18, 2018

The Audio Handbook Of The Marvel Universe. The Immortal Iron Fist

The Hey kids. This week we have something super fun! An all new/all exciting episode of The Audio Handbook Of The Marvel Universe! This time around we are going to take a look at The Immortal Iron Fist, Danny Rand.

I am a huge fan of Iron Fist but have to admit that his origin was something that I was not an expert in. I knew some of the rough details but making this episode helped me to fill in some of the gaps that I had. I feel like I know Danny Much better now.. 

There are ninjas, and Kung-Fu and Fists made of Iron and all sorts of other fun things contained within! It's a super fun episode and I hope that you have a good time checking it out while also leaving a bit more enlightened on the subject of The Lost City of Kun-Lun and Kung-Fu stuff in general. 

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