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January 9, 2019

The Toys R Us Report Ep.179: Mego Watch 2019 and Christmas Recap

This week on the show we have a ton of fun stuff ahead of us including a new mix from Iceberg 13. From there we head into a visit with Iceberg while I'm sweeping up the Engine Room, also some thoughts on earworms and old comemrcials. 

Then we talk Aquaman.. Man, I have some thoughts on the latest DC Comics movie offering...

For the main event of the show we talk Megos. Mostly about the ones that I got for christmas.. It's a fun segment.

Then at the end of the show we induct the 2 missing movies into the 5 mic movie hall of fame and talk about a ton of fun stuff.

On the real, I had a ton of fun with this episode and I think I'd have to mark it down with some of my favorites of all the times..

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