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May 2, 2017

This Boring Life Ep.5: Lost Places

Hey kids! This week we have a little something different. An All New Episode of.. This Boring Life, where every episode we will explore The Secret Origin Of IseeRobots. One Topic At A Time. 

The topic for this episode? Lost Places or, Places that I used to go to all the time that for whatever reason are now gone. It's a real fun but also sort of sad episode. 

I got super bummed talking about these 5 place that were super important to me, a restaurant that my family used to go to, a water-park, a magazine store and a couple other places like that, i think my bumming shows but don't worry. I still had fun and I think that you will too. There are some old commercials and one of them in particular has been in my head for a week straight now! I can't stop singing it! 

Still though, it's an interesting piece of history especially for a Sonoma County resident but even if you aren't just hearing about this stuff is sure to make you remember some places that you used to love going to. Give it a listen and make sure to tell a friend! 

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