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This week on the show we have what is probably the most epic episode to date.. The Trial Of IseeRobots where our dude ISR faces his day in court against the might of Toys R Us Scotland and Johnny 5.. It is not to be missed...

The show starts off with a bit of news about Mego and a review of the latest Jim Jarmusch flick, The Dead Don't Die.. It was an experience. From there we head over to a live simulcast between us and Johnny Court.. It is for sure the biggest undertaking in the history of the show..

There are huge consequences and going forward nothing will ever be the same.... 

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This week on the show we start off with a talk between me and Engineer Emily regarding the pending lawsuit between me and Toys R Us Scotland..

She thinks it's pretty serious, I'm not so sure.. I don't know, I'll figure something out. After that we talk about a pick-up basketball game I played in.. #SummerOfFitness

Then we talk about the latest X-Men Movie. We go over my past with the series, what I thought about this one and my overall feelings about the movie. It's pretty fun.. 

At the end we go over a ton of things, The Summer Of Fitness, I open up a Mego Elvis, and then A.B Silver calls in with an interesting proposition...

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This time around on the Good Old Toys R Us Report we start off with a new jam from DJ Iceberg Thirteen which then leads into some shocking news via voicemail. You do not want to miss this.

From there we talk about two different movies I saw one was about Elton John and was called Rocket Man and the other one was the latest in the Monarch Saga... Godzilla King Of Monsters. We're gonna look at both of those before doing a lightning round of a ton more movies..

At the end we talk about Batman, Rob Battinson, and The Deadwood movie and some other stuff before getting into The Summer Of Fitness our latest program for self improvement. I'm here for you guys so feel free to reach out about that 707-532-Jams for text messages and @IseeRobot on the tweets!

There is some more stuff in there too.. DCeased and an All-Girl Justice League idea I had...

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Hey kids! We have an awesome show ahead of us this week! We start off with a bit off talk about the weekly grind and about this VHS Tape that I found that had some neat stuff on it. 

From there we talk about a Rob Pattinson movie called The Rover and some about my thoughts on him becoming Batman.. It's pretty fun and hopefully somewhat informative.

For the main event of the show we talk about lunchboxes, mostly my collection of them. I go over everyone that I have. Don't worry, it's more fun than it sounds.

Then we finish off with some talk about the new Star Wars Vintage figures and The Mego Fighting Championship. It's a pretty good time.

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This week on The TRU RPT we start off with a new jam from Iceberg and MC Kate (Makes The Mic Disintegrate) Then we are lucky enough to have IB in the booth with us and he tells us a bit about his mixing style and then we have a new Johnny Court Commercial. It's all fun

From there we take a look at Detective Pikachu, the first ever live action Pokemon Game. It was alright.

For the main event we talk a bit about the start of flea market season and what that means to us and what we got at our first 40/8 Flea Market of the year. It's a pretty fun segment.

At the end of the show we talk about a VHS Tape I found and some other stuff of that sort. It's all good.

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This week on the show we start off with a new song by Iceberg Thirteen and MC Kate. It's pretty hyphy.. 

From there we talk about a few things including a death defying trip I took to get a Jon Snow action figure.. It's pretty nuts.

Then we take a look at a couple of DVDs I rented, one was called The Man Who Killed Hitler And Then Bigfoot. The other is called Dragged Across Concrete. It's the latest from Craig Zahler.. It's long.

Then we take some text messages.. wanna send one? Here's the number.. 707-538-JAMS. I love to get messages! I wanna know what you guys think, I love your questions.. Hit me up. After that we open up my latest Mego and have fun playing with him for a bit..

Wanna help us out? Tell a friend. Seriously, if you know someone who might like what we do here please tell them.

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This week on the show we start off with something amazing, a brand new, never before heard clip from Johnny 5's new syndicated TV show, Johnny Court. Dudes, it's so great and has to be heard to believed!

From there we talk about a couple of movies I saw the 1st one was a super weird Sci-Fi flick called High Life. It was nuts and I had a real hard time reviewing it while still keeping the show family friendly..

Then it's on.. what may be the biggest movie of ALL THE TIMES!!! Avengers End Game.. dude, I saw it, loved it and review it for you while still remaining spoiler free.. 

For the final segment we take some calls and texts and then open my latest Mego Acquisition.. The Glow In The Dark Frankenstein.. I love him..

I think we have a great show this week if you have time please share the link or tell a friend who you think might like what we do here...

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This week on the show IseeRobots goes at it alone as IB13 and Engineer Emily are off on vacation. It's all good though. 

On the board and on the mic at the same time ISR starts off with some talk about Rey and Star Wars and about believing in yourself. It's kind of boring but also a litte fun.

From there we head into At The Movies and a look at DC's latest flick, Shazam. BITD they used to call him Captain Marvel but with the MCU using that name he's all about SHAZAM! Now, it was a pretty fun flick and we'll talk all about it. 

Then for the main event we take a peek at a pro wrestling documentary called 350 days. it was a pick from show patron Javier. The flick takes a look at what it was like on the road for some of wrestling's biggest stars from the days of yore..

At the end we take some text messages and answer some questions. It's a good time.. 

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This week on The TRU RPT we take a look at Life After Flash a documentary of the Post Flash Gordon life of Sam Jones.. I picked it up over at Joe Video and I'll tell you all about it like what's he up to now? Where did he go after Flash?

Before we get there though we talk about another wacky movie I saw, this one is called Beach Bum.. It's Harmony Korine's latest.. Dude, it was weird but I liked it.

We get an appearance from Engineer Emily, talk about the song Easy Lover and have a super exciting commercial for J-5's new TV Show, Johnny Court. You HAVE to hear it!

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This week on the show we take a look at a bunch of fun stuff including Johnny 5's New Show! and my current comic book subscriptions! It's a ton of fun this week. Make sure to tell a friend!

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