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GV starts this episode with NOTHING to talk about, so he turns the whole thing into a 30 minute, uninterrupted steam of consciousness. Ready to hear about how he quit social media for a weekend? His thoughts on culinary ignorance? A defense of overhopped beers? A dream he had about visiting a roadhouse in Sonoma? No? Well it's what you're getting in this very special episode!

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Well guys, this is it. The end of the line as far as The Stuck At Home Saga. I've Got That Shot and it was a very pleasant experience overall but let's talk about the show...

We start off with some this and that and then open up a baseball card which I really like. Talk some Japanese baseball and then take questions from you guys.

I want to thank all you guys for spending this last year indoors with me. It's been hard, it's been weird but most of all it's been fun. 

Don't call this a goodbye, call it see you soon.

For me, Sara, Gino, Steve and Donny, Grandmaster Grandpa, AB Silver and all the rest.. It's been real... 

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Hey kids. Welcome to the 2nd ever episode of The Trying to.... show. This time out we start off with some opening of stuff and then talk about baseball cards and the legend of Wade Boggs. There is some Gino Vega in there too..

Along the way we go to The Dollar Tree, talk Final Faction figures and oh ya... We break the #THS Turtle Case WIDE OPEN!

It's a great show like always. Make sure to tell a friend! 

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Hey kids! Man, this is a real hoot and a half! Our gal Sara The Sausagetarian is filling in for the normally able bodied ISR who is off doing something silly with his time no doubt...

What does Sara have for us? Man, tons of great stuff... Meat Grinders, A trip to the basement for a look at some VHS tapes and TONS MORE!

It's a jam packed show and dig this... IT'S THE LAST SAH OF ALL THE TIMES!!! What? Yep, you read that right... Don't worry though, our guy ISR returns next week with EP.01 of The IseeRobots Trying To Get Vaccinated Show (Get That Shot) 


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Hey kids... This week on the show we start off with some talk about Lanard's Predator figure and then move onto an AMAZING call in from MLB Great Steve Balboni.. dude, you have to hear this one... from there we talk a bit about The Turtle Mystery and tons more! 

It's a great episode like always. Make sure to tell a friend!

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Hey kids! We have a super great episode ahead of us today! We start off with a trip to Amoeba Records in SF. I go over what I bought and some other cool details about the shop.

From there its a pretty informative PP with Sara The Sausagetarian. She talks about almonds and Honey Nut Cheerios... 

Then there is some talk about the Bruce Springsteen Glory Days music video and how I spend my days.

We finish up with other stuff including an update on the Turtle Case...

It's a great episode like always. Make sure to tell a friend. 

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Hey kids.. this week on the show we start off with by opening up a package and then we talk about this and that before getting to the great turtle mystery... What is that? Well, there are a bunch of little plastic turtles around my neighborhood and I'm really curious as to what the deal is.. Do we find out? No, not really but maybe someday we will...

Make sure to tell a friend. That's the best way to grow a podcast. Word of mouth.. 

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Hey kids. We are back with another super fun episode of the SAH. This time around we start off by opening some stuff up and the The Sausagetarian shows up to talk about the power of making a mistake. It's good stuff.

From there we talk about Honey Nut Cheerios and go over to The Dollar Tree and look at toys...

It's a great episode this week. Make sure to tell a friend!


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Hey kids! We have a great show ahead of us this week. We start off with me opening up the new Lanard Alien Toy. I thought it was pretty great.

From there we move right onto the cookie list. I put a lot of thought into this one and to be real, I still feel like I could flip the script on a few choices..

At the end of the show we take an interesting call...

Make sure to tell a friend! That's the number one way to help grow a podcast! 

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Hey kids. Your dude IseeRobots is away. He's deep in the woods looking for mental clarity but fear not the show is in able hands as Sara Bir, The Sausagetarian fills in with a dose of American Pizza Man and a fact filled HPI, The Horse Power Initiative! 

More from Sara can be found here Sausagetarian.com

or at Instagram.com/Sausagetarian 

Make sure to tell a friend! 

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